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There was a post on this some years ago back over on the old forum.


"... if you don't want a flat gray color, you want to apply a texture to your objects, and not just a flat color. There is a selection of metal materials in the Formica manufacturer catalog that might suit your needs.

You could also do a Google Image search online for shiny metal pictures until you find something that is suitable for you to import as a material.

Attached are some images that demonstrate how these types of materials (when set as "Stretch to Fit" so that they don't tile across the surface) can look when applied to appliances in Home Designer."



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this is great thanks!

wasn't sure if it was buried in the earlier link, but this article explains how to create a new material to use the metals posted earlier.


it shows the "stretch to fit" option in the dialog image, but the material they used for an example needs to tile across a surface, unlike creating a new material for these shiny metals.

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LawB10 - I think you posted your reply in the wrong thread? Nothing from this one ever mentioned using the Adjust Material Definition tool.

Everything above references either using the Formica materials from the Library Browser, or to create brand new shiny metal materials in your User Catalog.

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LawB10 - This is a pretty old thread, so in case I misremembered, I did go back and double check, and did a search of the page for the terms even in case I missed it.

I'm not saying that you're incorrect about the issue with using the Adjust Material Definition tool, just that it appeared to be completely out of place and is irrelevant to what is discussed in this post, so figured you accidentally posted in the wrong thread and wanted to give you the chance to delete or fix your comment.

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