Importing from Very Old Broderbund (FIXTLIB.L3A)


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Hi all,


I have an old design of my home I did with a very old Broderbund product. I have been using Home Designer Pro for a couple of years on other projects, but just started working with the legacy design. I get a lot of messages on start-up, most of which seem to be looking for 3D widgets in FIXTLIB.L3A (library from the old software I presume). The messages all indicate I should copy FIXTLIB.L3A into folder "Old-libraries", but I cannot locate this folder. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I intend to track down all of the old references and replace them with new ones, but I would prefer to do this as a background task.





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Review this article from the Knowledge Base.

KB-00279: Opening 3D Home Architect® Deluxe Plans


It states (emphasis added):

"While you could try to replace all of the missing textures, objects, and defaults using materials and symbols from your current Home Designer Library Browser, the real advantage to be being able to view the older file to reference dimensions and object placement.

In order to have all of the capabilities available in a current version plan, such as Wall Types and other features, recreating the plan in the current version of Chief Architect will be necessary.

Per this article, it's probably best to just recreate the plan in the new version, but if you have to use the old file, then I second contacting Tech Support and would stay away from trying to create folders and place old files in them.

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My advice is to merely replace the missing symbols that reside in your current Library Browser. That is what I have always done on old legacy plans and that has always worked well. When you have replaced the old symbols, the error messages will also disappear.





It is not clear how to identify (find, locate?) the missing symbols so that I can replace them. Can you elaborate?

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I also have some older house plans made with Broderbund 3D Home Architect. The file extensions are .PL1, PLX (where x is the floor) .CA1,  .cB1 (lower case "c") and .pB1. It appears that Chief Architect reads some of the files. Is there a discussion some place on importing Broderbund files? Does Chief Arch import files? Probably out of scope of this thread but does a newer version of a Broderbund export. Well I guess the real question is are these software produces converging on a common file format or library? WHere could I learn more about that.

Thank you  

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Thanx, David.

I am learning that. After I open a 3D file with HDA, I am saving that to different area to try and see which symbols and textures are lost.

I sincerely appreciate your posts.

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