Site area limitation.....terrain model.


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Hi - I am a relatively new user of HDPro.

I have looked at help - but can't see anything specifically on this.

I do recall reading something somewhere - but have not tracked it down again.


Here is my dilemma;

I have been modelling a site that is approx. 200Ha - about 490 small lot this on.

Have set up a 'Perspective Full Overview' - but this view is empty.

It doesn't show the lot terrain model.

I can only assume its too large for HDPro- to handle?

Is there a limitation on the size of a terrain model?

Works fine in plan - just cannot see it in 3D window?


I've attached a screen shot in HDPro showing plan view of the site size and location and camera.




Further on this;

I now know that the size of the lot is not relevant. (it seems)

I also now know that the distance the camera is located from the target is also relevant.

Moving the camera closer and using default settings lets me now I can see the site.

However, the rotation and camera movements over the site are extremely staggered and jerky.

This would be the graphics memory I guess?


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If you created the terrain plane by importing a complicated (highly detailed) topo map, it may be that your PC's hardware is not advanced to display it. I have seen this happen before and it is not the size that is the problem, it is the total number of 3D faces that an object has which determines how it is handled. You do not need a surveyor grade document to faithfully portray terrain, in fact as you have now seen it is a complete failure in terms of usefulness. The way I do terrains, especially large terrains is to bring in the topo map or data so I can see it and selectively place elevation objects so as to get the proper effect with the minimum number of elevation objects. This way I get a terrain plane that my PC can handle. You should share your current file with Home Designer Tech Support for more scientific advice but I think I am on solid ground with mine.



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Thanks David for your advise.


I have not used detailed surveyor info as it just complicates the matter.(historically)


I have a pdf file of the site with contours to scale and all I have done so far is shape the terrain perimeter to the shape the pdf depicts.


I have now managed to view with site but as yet still contemplating modelling the contoured form of it.

The viewing problem was my location of the camera of the perspective camera view in relation to the site. (see my attachment)

I moved the camera much much closer to the target and can now see the site in its entirety. Great.


Under 'Render' Preferences - a button named 'Zoom Using Field Of View' - if deselected - does little to avoid camera distorted views I find.

Seems difficult to navigate such a large site.

Any further suggestions?

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I have modeled terrains of just 5 acres and 10 acres. I used elevation lines spaced 5 ft apart, so that resulted in rather complex terrains - on purpose. I am an IT professional so I have a rather beefy computer and video card. While HD Architectural handles the rendering of the terrain itself okay, once I put a house on it, the rendering goes terribly wonky.


And when I use the Perspective Full Overview, the whole terrain starts out as a teeny graphic and I have to zoom WAY in to see it. Even when I reduce the terrain, the initial overview ends up very small for some reason.


I contacted HD Customer Service about it, and their response was that with such a large (!) terrain, there wasn't much that can be done. I tried some of the suggestions they gave but nothing helped. I even reduced the size of the terrain down to just about 1 acre, yet still when it renders with a home on it, the rendering just can't seem to handle all that data.


So my initial impression of your question, considering the response I got about my 5 or 10 acre lot, is that yes, the lot of 490 acres is very large. I don't know how much Pro can handle more than Arch., but it still might be too much for the program.


Good luck,


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