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  1. Has anyone modeled vertical blinds on sliding glass doors? I can add blinds to windows but not doors. Any suggestions? Thanks, Susan HDA 2015
  2. Yours, regarding custom ceiling planes. Sorry, I didn't remember the name of the video and I didn't want to have to lose my post to search for it.
  3. First of all, I am using Home Designer Architectural 2015. Yes, I know, but I lost my job this year and can't afford the upgrade. Second, I have watched and watched and watched the 11:02 video on using moldings instead of soffits (????). I cannot figure out what he's trying to do, and he never shows the crown molding complete in the final room. I cannot use the example file he provided in the post as it was created in a newer version than I have. I watched the tutorial video but it did not answer my question. I have searched and searched the help documents but they are not helpful
  4. Well this pretty much ensures I will NOT be upgrading to the 2020 version. No Print Model, then no thanks. I'm using Architect 2014 now. I could upgrade to something newer, but apparently no newer than 2018. I have a couple of years to go before I can build my home, and I'm going to need models I can build to compare and show the hubby. Very sad to hear this. This was one of the best benefits of HDA.
  5. Hey all - HD Architect CAN actually print to STL format!! I don't know why I thought that it didn't. I am SOOO thrilled! 3D printing here I come!!! Now I can print little models of the homes as well! Susan
  6. I have searched the forums but nothing comes up for 3D printing. I have modeled a complicated mountainside terrain in my HDA program, and I'd like to be able to get a 3D printed model of it. I know it will not be big, and I know it won't be exact, but I'd like one anyway. Our local library has just announced that they have 3D printers available for public use! I know that they need an .stl file, and that HDA does not export to this format. I'm hoping someone out there might have some experience in 3D printing, and might offer some suggestions on how I could get my fil
  7. Solved - "Thanks" does not come close. I couldn't open the other 2 plans as I just have HDA 2015, but now I understand the options for this complicated roof. I figure with the amount of time I've spent on this silly plan, if I put money towards my time, I have probably spent enough to justify the purchase of the Pro version! Fortunately I haven't yet run into another roof plan this difficult so I will hold off for a little bit longer. Gotta save all my pennies to build this monster!!
  8. I use Adobe Acrobat 8, the "primo" PDF generator, and I get very bad results as well. I have a relatively simple ~2500 sq ft home with garage/workshop below - 3 total stories.I have no terrain (I tried using a model with terrain and got bad results, so I removed it thinking that might help. It did not.) I get only 90% of the walls of the 1st (main) floor, 3 small walls of the 2nd, and nothing of the foundation. I don't get all the roof pieces as well. I wonder what Support says about it.
  9. I have a complex terrain that I copy to other plans to see how the structure would fit on that terrain. It is somewhat large and complex, built with many elevation lines. Here's how I am able to do it relatively easily: If you have structure etc. already built, turn off the display of everything except the terrain. I zoom out to see the whole thing, then select the entire terrain, making sure that all of my elevation lines are selected. Then I go down to the bottom toolbar and find the graphic that is a cube, and the tooltip is Make Architectural Block. I select that. This will put your en
  10. There are plantation shutters available in the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Do you know how to download the sketchup files and add them to your library? https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/ Search for "plantation shutter" and you'll find a few options. Here is the help on importing objects into your library: qthelp://chiefarchitect.com.chiefarchitect.architectural/doc/dy2493303.htm Susan
  11. I have modeled terrains of just 5 acres and 10 acres. I used elevation lines spaced 5 ft apart, so that resulted in rather complex terrains - on purpose. I am an IT professional so I have a rather beefy computer and video card. While HD Architectural handles the rendering of the terrain itself okay, once I put a house on it, the rendering goes terribly wonky. And when I use the Perspective Full Overview, the whole terrain starts out as a teeny graphic and I have to zoom WAY in to see it. Even when I reduce the terrain, the initial overview ends up very small for some reason. I contacte
  12. Good advice - get the basic structure done, add the 2nd story, play with the roof, and THEN detail. At one point I actually did delete the 2nd story and start all over again, but not knowing fully what I was doing, my 2nd try didn't turn out so well either. The result is what you saw there. Eric - I will give this a try. Thanks. Solver - yes, that is what I am trying to do. But HD Architectural does not have manual roofs. Jo Ann and all - All i did was turn the 3D picture around and take another screen shot. I assure you all of the shots of the cottage are of the same exact model witho
  13. Select the railing that is parallel to the house, and make that a gable wall. Voila, gable porch! I just did this on a plan I'm working on right now. | house | | | +-----------+ +----------+ | porch | +---------+ <-- make this a gable wall even though it is a railing. I did this in HDA 2015. Good luck! Susan
  14. This issue is similar to the Multiple Gable issue that was just recently posted. I'm not trying to follow an existing structure but I am trying to duplicate a house plan. That other plan (which I downloaded and tried to follow) did not have a porch or a section with a low pitch. I have spent quite a few hours now trying to straighten out this roof. I have gone through the help and this Forum and have used several of the ideas presented, which has gotten me this far. But I've hit some snags I cannot straighten out. I am using HDA 2015. The roof is supposed to be a full gable all the way
  15. I found this when I was searching for other stair help. I read the title, and wondered why you'd need help with "winders" around stairs. It's simple! You just go to the "Winder" button in the toolbar. It's right next to the Door button. You can select all different types of Winders. Regular winders, Bay winders, Box winders, even a Bow winder! Then you can add drapes or shades or blinds to pretty them up. Of course joining stair landing won't make any winders. Ha ha ha! I got a very nice laugh out of this. Happy Designing! Susan
  16. This can only be done in the Pro version of the program. I have Home Design Architectural, and I am unable to make a double landing. If I'm not right, please let me know! Good luck, Susan
  17. HD Architect has some limitations, and since other members opened the model in other versions and got the same results, I guess it is just a program issue. But I was able to open a Full Camera view and the model is rendering much better, even with my huge terrain. I found the other article from Feb 21 on the same topic, and that suggestion was in those responses. I thought I searched the forum first, but I guess i didn't use the right terms. But then I wasn't exactly experiencing "splotches of color" and didn't know about z-fighting. It is just a 5.6-acre lot... doesn't seem so huge to me.
  18. I have to get up early to go to work. Gotta stop HDA'ing!!

  19. I have a detailed terrain model that I constructed a home on. When I try to look at the 3D views, they look very bad! See pics. I have posted the model. I am able to open other models and render the 3D views and they look just fine. I checked all sorts of settings but haven't changed anything. I have other terrain models with other homes on them and they don't look this bad. What could be wrong? I have attached one Perspective Full Overview and one Doll House View of the 'bad' model, and one Perspective Full of another plan using the same computer, same HDA session, same settings. No is
  20. I will try the copy and paste method. It took me quite a few hours to manually enter 6 acres of topology using 5-ft spacing lines. Drawing again from scratch is not an option. It took too long! My house model is very detailed, and it took weeks of work to get it where it is. Thus I do not want to have to redo that again from scratch either. I'll let you know how it goes. I tried a "test house" on a copy of my terrain model just to see some basic placement, and somehow the model got corrupted so I had to redraw the test house all over again. Thanks!
  21. Hey geniuses. I have searched both the Forum and the Help but cannot find an answer to this. Is there any way to merge 2 plans together? I built a complete plan using one terrain basis. It was based on one plot of land that we ended up not buying. I was able to delete the terrain from that plan. But then I built a new plan with only the terrain of the plot we did end up buying. We are trying to figure out where on the new plot the house might be best placed. I need to play around with the house plan based on the terrain of the new plot. Ultimately, we might not even use that parti
  22. Hey y'all! I finally found the perfect solution to get my flat roofs on my porches!! It was buried in this solution: http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-01086/ Although the solution is for a one-story building and porch, the procedure worked perfectly for my building. My main roof is on the 2nd floor, but my porches are on the 1st. There is a disconnect between the roofs. But the procedure still works! I'm thriled. I had to "build roof" to get it to work so it messed up my 2nd story roof - it should be lower. But I know how to fix it, no worries. Add to wish lis
  23. Guys, I wrote to ChiefArchitect support with my issue, and they suggested I get and use XVID codec. It worked LIKE A CHARM for me. I have Win64, Home Designer Architect. Good luck! Susan
  24. I thought I had downloaded all of the Bonus free libraries, but I had indeed missed "Vehicles." I would have thought the bike would have been in the Recreation items, but it was in Vehicles. Thank you for all the replies and the great suggestions on how we can use objects that we don't find in the libraries. Maybe someone will add different types of bicycles!
  25. Having this same exact problem. Windows 8.1, HDArch 2015. I downloaded the FFDS codec, installed it and rebooted, and then set that in my Render Preferences. I re-recorded my Walkthrough using the path that I had set, then viewed the video using Win Media Player. It looks dreadful. Was this ever posted to Tech Support? I think I will.