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    Joining Stair Landings to Make Winders

    Thank you all for your suggestions! I will reply back and let you know what has worked with my version. As an aside, in the states that I have worked in winders require that the small end of the wedge be no less than 6" which I haven't modeled yet. Eric HD Suite 2015
  2. Naamkeek

    Joining Stair Landings to Make Winders

    Using Suite 2015 I need to be able to model stairs with winders like what is possible in Home Designer Pro. I've tried using landings that are reshaped into wedges and joining them so as to make winders. So far I cannot make this work. Either the wedge pieces are not joined or if they are there is no step created at the joint. Has anyone been able to successfully make winders using something other than Pro? The attached screenshot shows what I am trying to accomplish. The wedge shaped treads are winders-each is one step. Thanks!
  3. Naamkeek

    Front porch on two story home

    Using Home Designer Suite 2015 Here are a couple points that I had to learn the hard way about porches: You can use the Deck room type and place a roof over it. This facilitates the use of open railings, etc. If the porch has a shed roof attaching to the house do this:Open Build Roof from your toolbar. Deselect Auto Rebuild Roofs. If your house currently has a roof, delete it. Break the house exterior wall where the porch joins the house. Specify the house roof using the second floor only. Select the section of house wall that is under the high end of the shed and open the roof dialog. Select the High Shed/Gable option. Alternately open the roof dialogs for the two end walls. Set the roof type as Gable. Select the wall at the low side of the shed and open the roof dialog. If there is a roof type selected, deselect it. Do not specify a type. Set the roof pitch. It can be different than your default and other roofs on the house. Click Build roof to see the result.