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  1. Finally, Thank you Eric. I did not understand the point that I should (or could) drag the ceiling plane) parallel to the wall. Once I understood that, I could duplicate your results immediately. Mike
  2. Eric, Yes I did, Please open the file I posted in #17. I believe the plane is 90 deg to the wall.... (file: x2 with gable ceiling removed.plan). This is the same file you sent me, only I deleted the ceilings you drew and tried my own. Mike
  3. Kbird1, There is only one gable in this test house. I have attached Eric's nicely done X2 file... he added the vaulted gable ceiling The 2nd "X2 with gable ceiling removed" is Eric's file with gable ceiling removed and I started to add ceiling plane. How do I get the ceiling plane I have added to join the main vaulted ceiling? Thanks, Mike x2.plan x2 with gable ceiling removed.plan
  4. Kbird1, Yes, I did break the wall and set that section to full gable. This part I have done ok. It is the vaulted ceiling in the gable I can't seem to manipulate into position. I tried deleting one of the gable ceiling elements using Solver's X2 file version he sent us and the photo I attached was the result of my attempt to add a new ceiling to his. by the way I am using HD 2015 pro... THanks for any help, Mike
  5. No matter how I do it, I get something like the attache jpg when trying to create the gable vault ceiling. Mike
  6. Hi Eric, Thought I sent a post yesterday... hmm. Thank you for the solution you provided, however I have not been able to duplicate it. Here is what I tried: 1) deleted existing gable, break the wall section and set it for full gable, then rebuilt the roof. 2) I then created a ceiling plane starting at the center line of the gable. 3) Adjusted the ceiling plane to be similar to my vaulted ceiling. 4) Used the join command... but this gave a bizarre result. I do not see what height you adjusted? this may be what is need to make it work. A little more detail might get me there. Thank you, Mike
  7. Hi Solver, I can not open the version you sent, I have HD 2015. What technique did you use to blend the gabled area and vaulted ceiling? Hi Kbird1, Yes, my ceiling is not flat (vaulted) and above the ceiling I want to create Trusses. The Gable area ceiling should intersect the vaulted ceiling, but I don't see how to do it. Manual or auto is fine. Once I have the ceiling in place then I believe HD will allow me to create Trusses. Please indicate any techniques that you think might work. Thank you, Mike
  8. File attached to show help understand my problem. My purpose is to create a vaulted ceiling and then the Trusses needed. This is a test file. Thank you, Mike Truss Test.plan
  9. I have created a vaulted ceiling using ceiling planes, however I am having trouble with a gabled section of my roof that is at 90 degrees to the vaulting. I can not get the ceilings to join correctly. Any suggestions? Mike
  10. I finally got things to work. I am now using FFDS codec (, but I could not get this work until I changed player to Media player classic player (open source player). Mike
  11. Recording a walkthrough works fine. Howver, when I try to playback I get an error message. Windows media player says it encountered a problem. Quicktime says unknown error. I am using the IYUV codec for my windows 7. 64 bit operating system. The sequence is 107 sec long, with 6 key frames. If I reduce the sequence in length (tried 10 sec) playback works fine. I have 16 GB of memory and Quadro 2000 video board. Any ideas? Mike
  12. I have a earth satellite photo I placed on my terrain and it was initially in small blocks so I increased the scale in the "define material" dialogue and this helps but then I notice the material seems to segment itself no matter how large the scale. I then tried "stretch to fit". Still same problem... I would like the satellite image to lay down on my terrain. See attached problem Any ideas? Mike
  13. Thank you KBird. Step terrain just makes a weird looking fence above the ground and trees are already set to zero. I am thinking this is a problem of calculating the ground position for curved surfaces. I think this is a bug. Mike
  14. I have a terrain with gentle slopes I have put a fence around and trees. This looked fine when I put them in. I then modified the terrain and rebuilt it, but now the fence and trees are either up in the air or partially underground depending on the slope. Nothing I do to rebuild seems to fix this. Any suggestions? Using 2015 Pro Mike
  15. After selecting the material painter and the select library Object window opens, this window keeps popping to background and I have to bring it to foreground... very annoying. Mike