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  1. I am making a range hood enclosure. I need to make the side supports smaller (less deep) at the bottom. See pics. I want to smoothly curve from bottom to top with two gentle curves. See side view pic. Any ideas? Thank you. hood enclosure side.pdf Hood Enclosure angle.pdf
  2. Where does it show total SF? I'm not seeing it. Also, can I select a room, like an odd shaped garage, and quickly see the area SF? I did it by creating a poly line around the room to make the same shape, but surely that is the long way. Thank you.
  3. I tried adding walls and making them invisible, but that removed the railing. I guess I can just draw in every piece. Was hoping it would be easier and faster. Thank you again. I will get on it. Thanks for your time.
  4. The slide is attached to the Porch section. The main room will be all screened with a door to the porch area, so it just looks all open. It is also the cantilevered section.
  5. I attached the plan Tree House.plan
  6. Made the X railings, the upper 45 degree braces, and the slide using the custom backsplash tool. Thanks again!! New issue. It won't let me put the X rails on the porch though. They disappear when I copy and move them to the porch rail. Any thoughts? B
  7. Thank you. As always, fast and great help to keep my projects going!
  8. Thanks, I forgot about that.
  9. Can anyone tell me how I can install a vertically angled framing member, like a 4x4 at a 45 deg angle from a post to a beam for decoration and support? Thanks.
  10. OK, this should be so easy and I used to know how to do it. I've wasted 45 minutes trying to find it on the forum and on the videos. No luck, so I'm asking here. On HDP, how do I evenly space multiple objects like posts? I manually placed several posts and I want them all to be evenly spaced without doing the math myself manually. Thanks a bunch!!
  11. Wow, thanks for making the video. Like you said, just tinkering around and trying different things and checking with the camera after every change is the way to go. I think I have it softened much better. Good enough for the building department anyway. Thanks again DJP, Brian D Schluersburg PLAN Newest 2 OCT '18.plan
  12. Can I create a simple terrain line with the elevation different on each end? Also, can I create a rectangle area and set one side to one elevation and the other to a different elevation? Thanks a bunch, Brian D
  13. Thanks for all the replies. All helpful. I'm making progress!
  14. I tried the Help system and Knowledge Base already. No help.