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  1. Does anyone know if you can put internal plantation shutters on windows? I can only seem to find strange external ones. Thanks. Lib
  2. Thanks Mick. That all sounds too hard for me i'm afraid! also, when presenting these drawings to people is the easiest way to just take a screen shot of image required, or export as PDF and then insert into presentation? is there are 'snazzier' way to insert images? I just do that and then crop and resize them all which is fine but just wondered if there was more to it....
  3. Oh okay sorry so the top of one of the wall of the room becomes narrower
  4. Thanks for your help Mick. I worked out how to import the image of the paint colour from the Dulux websites thanks so much for this. Another question, do you know if you can make one wall of a bedroom on a slant at all please? Libby
  5. Okay I still can't work out how to make a custom material. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  6. Thanks M have sorted the sky view and will look at paint now. Not sure what you are referring to for Forum Signature sorry?
  7. I have somehow inserted into my windows a sky scene and have no idea how to remove it can anyone help? And also do you know if you can import Dulux colours in to the colour palette please? I am using HomeDesigner pro in Australia. Thanks.