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I've read the KB Article


I don't normally place furniture and accessories in a plan, but have one where I want to.


I have chosen a rug from the Library (Checkers). Clicking on it does not change the cursor, and clicking on the plan does not place the rug.


I have restarted Home Designer, and tried in a new, one room plan with the same results.


Placing other items works as expected.





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Are you sure you have the display options turned on for interior furniture? 

I couldn't find anything in the library called checkers rug. I always use the plain rectangular rug in the core library and place a material on it.


ps I didn't get my roof sorted out, tried to change the pitch and suddenly a hip roof appeared, and then this weird double roof appeared. So I am going back to study yours. I stuck the rug in your version of my plan. :-)

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Did you try to place a rug from 'flooring>rugs' ?   You have to place a rug object 1st.  In my library version it is found in 'interiors>accessories>rugs'.

THEN you can choose a material from 'flooring/rugs', or choose a style of your own.

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Yes I think Jo_Ann is right , you were trying to place a material , not a Rug Object 1st ,


weird thing is I don't have anything in my Library Called Checkers is it in a Bonus Lib. I don't have perhaps?



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This is a rug (material) from a Mohawk Manufacturer Catalog.


You both were correct. Place a rug from the core catalog, then change its material.




I'm going to suggest the KB article be updated to be more clear.

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