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    roof asymmetry

    I am building a garage with stone veneer on all the walls.It has an entry courtyard that is more or less outdoors and will jave stucco walls on it. The center court is 8:12, side garages are 6:12. I have defined all the exterior walls as Brick and all the dimensions along the walls seem to be correct. When the roof is built, the center of the 8:12 center section roof is off center. It looks like it has to do with the intersections of the brick and stucco walls, as they seem to be slightly different. I have attached a screen shot that indicates the problem and where I think it might be originating. I have read every roof help tip here and nothing seems to help. Plan file attached too. I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me some guidance on how to diagnose and repair this. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. HD 2016 pro. det garage plan 051816.plan
  2. Is there a way to automatically generate reflected ceiling plans and roof plans in HD Pro 2016. I have searched all over and cant find any reference to that. Greatly appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.
  3. quesera

    roof gone wild

    I had a plan for an L shaped building yesterday that had a hip on the front and a gable on the back. Suddenly, although I don't believe I have done anything (except move a few cabinets around and attach a part of a trellis on the front), the roof has suddenly gone wild. I have tried everything imaginable and can't figure out what has gone wrong. I have attached the plan file and before and after images of the situation. Any help would be really appreciated. 032816 pool art 3-Floor Plan.pdf032616 pool art 3-Floor Plan.pdf032816 pool art 3.plan
  4. quesera

    Room definitions

    I have drawn a bathroom in my plan. After drawing the whole room, I then added a WC within it and a shower area behind a glass wall at one end. The room then took on the name WC for the WC end and shows the room name BATH2 for both of the other areas that are divided by a shower wall. When I try to take a wall elevation, it shows each area individually. Is there a way to treat the whole area as a single room and get an elevation for the whole area? I've searched all over the help and can't find anything about this. I have HD Pro 2016. I am attaching a screenshot of the problem, could upload a plan copy if necessary but its big and I'm on a slow link. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  5. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00891/adding-a-belly-band-to-your-house.html Perhaps this is what you want.
  6. quesera

    wall heights

    Thanks, I see that. I really don't want a foundation for this version as I am using this one to detail the interiors. But when I delete the foundation, it gives me about a foot of stucco below the floor level. If I add a slab of 1" it shows up at the right place. Do you know if there's a way to have no foundation and have the doors appear at grade? I can leave the slab if necessary.
  7. quesera

    wall heights

    Sorry, here is an updated plan that shows where my garage is. When I did what you suggested, it solved the ceiling problem but now suddenly the wall between the dining room and loggia is inside out. Is that because I have another exterior wall on the porch and when I did the 'room no def' it got confused? Also I attach two photos showing what I mean by the garage problem. And then also now that I added garage doors they are offset even more down too. villa great room 083115.plan
  8. quesera

    wall heights

    I am having trouble with my wall heights and am hoping someone can provide me some direction. In the attached plan there is a dining area off the great room. It will have a shed roof over it and the adjacent loggia. But before I can get to any of that, I see that the walls that I have drawn are suddenly of different heights in the dining area. It also generates some automatic walls upstairs. And now that I examine it closer, it looks the the floor in the adjacent garage that I have not yet begun to detail has a lower floor level. I assume I have set some default incorrectly or done something inadvertently to cause all this. Would appreciate if someone can send me in the right direction. Thanks. villa great room 083015.plan
  9. Kbird1- I see that, but it is hard to do when you are the designer and the structure is only valuable as the backdrop for your actual work. Thanks all for your help, I will try to absorb this all tomorrow.
  10. quesera

    Placing a Rug

    Are you sure you have the display options turned on for interior furniture? I couldn't find anything in the library called checkers rug. I always use the plain rectangular rug in the core library and place a material on it. ps I didn't get my roof sorted out, tried to change the pitch and suddenly a hip roof appeared, and then this weird double roof appeared. So I am going back to study yours. I stuck the rug in your version of my plan. :-)
  11. quesera

    Placing a Rug

    is this what you are trying to do?
  12. I guess this is where my confusion lies- when I draw in a porch room I can't make the walls disappear, no matter what I try I get solid walls. Maybe I have some weird default or something that I don't know about.
  13. Ok hopefully I have correctly attached the plan. The wall in the middle of the room is where the peak should be. The right side wall will of course be taller but I put them all lower while trying to figure this out. offset roof.plan
  14. Thanks for all your help. Yes, Jo Ann it does look kind of like that, except no partial wall at the end and there is patio outside not floor. I kind of tried what kbird suggested before and weird things happened. I am going to try starting from scratch and follow that advice. Thank you so much for all your suggestions.
  15. this s the situation 001Floor Plan A.pdf
  16. Is it possible to build a gable roof whose ridge is offset from the center of the structure? The walls on one side are different on each side- creating a larger overhang on one side. I've tried a number of different things, but eventually the ridge ends up in the center of the room. Thanks for any guidance you can provide. I use HD Pro 2016.
  17. quesera

    library ladder

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I found one in sketchup.
  18. quesera

    library ladder

    I can't find a ladder, just ladderback chairs, ladder shelves, pool ladder.
  19. quesera

    library ladder

    I am trying to add a library ladder across my cabinet faces. Is there a way to do this?