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  1. In my version if HDPro there is a button for true line weight to be displayed? Seems to print the layout line weights similarly for me.
  2. I thought the various text sizes were individually established in the defaults?
  3. karoolakid

    Placing a Rug

    Is this a HD image or a CA image please?
  4. What is CA Pro? Does he (lightspeed65) mean HDPro or Premier? If the latter why ask it here? Can multiple files be joined in any case? Why would you try that? Does it work? I don't think it can? Even a merge is dodgy.... I have tried it. Chaos. (Not Control)
  5. So is Sierra good to go with latest HDPro upgrade or what - it states some things are sorted? How are those that upgraded to Sierra going?
  6. karoolakid

    Boundary Wall

    Change the default roof eaves overhang distance preferences etc or draw the roof manually allowing for the narrow 50mm distance you require is my suggestion; I too am new to the software use. ( and reside is Aust. )
  7. This legend thing is a 2d excercise isn't it?......pull it together using simple cad line and circle drawings and text as needed. That's what I do. No big deal.....can be done in 30 mins...and then even less 2nd time round. HDPro is focused on better things I have discovered. Thanks for the discussion.
  8. What is this all about? Do you mean Home Designer Pro in the last post? ( Chief Architect Pro reference) 'Marked as editable' what does that all mean? Not familiar with this....
  9. Wow…that is one fabulous looking home. Any clue as to what part of the country this is please? The detail work is wonderful.
  10. Yes it's not a balustrade you're after and we can't use a panel as a balustrade. I also tried this with similar results. See this artlice I used, Changing Railings to use Panels Instead of Newels and Balusters In Home Designer articles. It works.