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  1. Is this still the case or has anyone found a way to actually use a kohler sink with their vanity / counter top combo? I am amazed they didn't try such a simple use of their library.
  2. Yeah I have that option but it did not affect the line weights I was having problems with. Not sure which views or scenarios that affects. That is next on my reading list here In my last post I talked through what fixed it for me: vector vs technical illustration views
  3. Thanks David for your time recording that, it answered some questions for me in how some views won't see line weight changes. The line weights though weren't really the problem in this situation. The issue was with technical vs vector views and the use of scaling. The technical looks fine on the layout and print preview pages but when you actually print it, the line weights are lightened. If you use the vector view, those same line weights come out properly in printing. You have to make sure you use plot lines option which is default with vector view, then it will work (plot lines is not an option in technical illustration). Technical illustration will work if you use the image option when sending to layout but that doesn't allow for a set scale Thanks again for your help!
  4. I'll post back when support figures it out. So far, no luck
  5. I haven't found that option in my version. Not exactly sure where you found it though. Odd part is that the floor plan works fine. Its only the exterior elevation views that has inconsistent/low line weights and that is only when you try to print it. Every screen before you print looks fine and isn't till you see the pdf or printed page its grey. Have a ticket in for it at the moment.
  6. So it looks like the scaling options in sending an elevation view to the layout is what causes some lines to lighten and not others. If I sent that view to layout but use the "Current screen as Image" option, it will produce a proper pdf copy where all the line weights are the same as the print view. If I use the "Current screen" or the "Entire Plan/View" options that allow for the scale to be selected, the line weights get messed up (weights on the same object are less). Be interested if anyone has found a way around this as it would be nice to have the scale maintained. Luckily the plan views don't have this problem as they are more important for my project to have scaling maintained.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I have started messing more with the line weights but its fairly hard to find the correct one. Either I am not adjusting the correct ones or they aren't affecting my view for some reason. Another odd thing is that on a light elevation drawing, parts of different objects will be heavier line weight. For example my front staircase right side line is dark but the left is light. So not sure how configuration would do that. Almost seems like I have a more fundamental setting wrong.
  8. Wondering if anyone has run into this. Using the default PDF print driver to save a layout with a elevation (in technical view). Looks good in the layout and print preview but when I convert it to PDF the house is too light (actually grey) but the title blocks and the text are appropriate. I have been looking for anyway to darken this, trying other views like regular which also does the same among other things. Only way I got it to work was to use the print an image option and use the save to PDF which worked but doesn't arrange it on the page properly like the regular print does. If anyone has seen this let me know! test.layout plan.plan
  9. thanks for trying, glad to know it wasn't just me. BTW your rendering looks good.. i guess i need to play with that
  10. I didn't but did notice that in the front wall. I just played with it some and it looks like when you change that wall from invisible to visible and there are stairs attached, it automatically creates that.
  11. Well, I wanted the railing to be connected from the landing railing to the stair railing without a gap (no gaps in the railing might even be a code requirement). In the one picture it shows how the left side does this properly but the right side is missing the whole column. Trying to get the right side to look like the left.
  12. Hi All, I have been working through a problem with the transition between a front portico/landing's railing / support columns and the stair railing. When the front railing wall is set to invisible the portico columns and railing is drawn properly, just on the sides and lines up properly with the landing corners. But when I turn that front wall's invisible flag off and it tries to merge the stair railing with the landing railing and it removes one column and pushes one column partially off the landing. Pictures and project plan attached. I dug on here to see if anyone else had something similar but wasn't successful. If you have any ideas, I am all ears. I am guessing either the wall or stair railings auto railing is misconfigured on my part. Thanks in advance! Josh plan.plan
  13. David, that took entirely too long to respond, ha, jk! Thanks so much for the explanation and it makes perfect sense. I assumed that the version limitation was what I was running into as this is a semi complicated roof/siding junction. I do one home remodel for myself or flip about every 5 years, so I use Home Designer fairly infrequently. I think if I totaled my bill rate for the time spent messing with Home Designer version problems, I could have already bought Pro so I think that might be coming down the line. thanks again for the quick response
  14. Hi guys, I have been scouring for an answer to this problem but so far all the porch, roof and other tutorials/answers haven't covered it. I am trying to add a rear addition to a cape cod which has a fully bumped out shed dormer on the second story. So far it freaks out when I try to setup the first floor addition as upper/lower pitched shed roof. Seems that when there is a dormer in the roof the auto roof from the addition doesn't like butting into it. If anyone has an idea or suggestion, I am all ears. Thanks in advance! exterior.plan
  15. Probably what he was looking for was how to make the room above grade. That tutorial doesn't get into that