Lower part of wall is missing (2nd floor)


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I'm trying to make a balcony-like room but the lower part of the wall that is supposed to cover the floor height is missing. How can i fix it? See picture for more detailed info.


What i did was simply to draw a room on the 2nd floor in a already made home.



The problem is only there when i use pony walls, when i used normal interior walls the problem was fixed. Upper half of the pony walls are glass shower type and when i change that part to interior then everything works well, why does the upper glass part cause this problem? I think it had something to do with the width of the glass wall or something like that couse when i made a special wall post-3244-0-57524900-1434582903_thumb.jpg for it then the problem was fixed but then another problem came up. The glass now cut the ceiling with its "air gap" filling i had to add to make the wall thicker post-3244-0-72289200-1434582893_thumb.jpg.


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I think it is the way that you defined the pony wall, that is causing the problem.   Open the pony wall, and open the drop down menu to select the default type shower wall for the upper, and also change the lower wall to a default interior wall(from the drop down) menu.


I found that designating that room as a 'slab' closed up the floor height wall opening.

You now have concrete as your ceiling in the area below the 'balcony'.  Go back to the 1st floor and section off the room with a room divider wall.  Open up that room and check 'ceiling over this room', and be sure to check 'default' for the ceiling finish.

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post the plan as I wasn't ever really sure what the issue was really from your description above.


I use Ponywalls in bathrooms sometimes for glass walls as you know , but I wasn't sure what you were doing here...


If a Workaround is needed then Jo_Ann or Kat , will probably know one , since they both have "fought" HDA for years...



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I got a respond from the support.



Hi Kenny,

Thank you for outlining the problem.

The issue arises when we use a single layer wall type as the upper wall. I’ll send this over to our development team to improve functionality.

In the interim you can get the look you want by copying the Glass Shower wall type and then modifying it so that it has two layers of glass.



This solution work. Dual layer glass fix the problem.

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