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  1. custom railing for staircase and that was the first object i made. How can i make the railing lean upwards to the next floor?
  2. If i try and paint the mold then all the molds in the same room become invisible (using the component option). Trying to make a custom rail to a staircase.
  3. How can i make a spiral staircase?
  4. I got a respond from the support. This solution work. Dual layer glass fix the problem.
  5. I have been away and have not been able to reply to your questions and answers. However you did not read everything i said completely "I don't intent to use any objects from the library." meaning no bathtubs etc, just building a "pool" like bathtub from blocks. I did later understand i could just do this with allot of slabs to make it look ok but i did the easy way and just added a object as an example, the real bathtub will however be created from scratch. However i did also understand i could still use slabs but i just need a bit more of them
  6. Hmm, i was just about to do it sense it looks like an issue that require some weird work around to fix.
  7. In my signature it says Home Designer Pro 2015 If there is some way to prevent it from cutting the ceiling then it would solve everything.
  8. I'm trying to make a balcony-like room but the lower part of the wall that is supposed to cover the floor height is missing. How can i fix it? See picture for more detailed info. What i did was simply to draw a room on the 2nd floor in a already made home. Edit: The problem is only there when i use pony walls, when i used normal interior walls the problem was fixed. Upper half of the pony walls are glass shower type and when i change that part to interior then everything works well, why does the upper glass part cause this problem? I think it had something to do with the width of the
  9. I'm trying to make a custom bathtub so i went ahead and starting to create blocks like i wanted it to be with the slab tool and then when i was supposed to extract a hole for the actual bath then i cant find that tool anywhere. Normally you kinda add a new block and just extract that from the other. Is there some secret button I'm totally missing now? I don't intent to use any objects from the library. Please help me if you have any advice.
  10. Ohhh, i did not know about that website! Thanks, now this will help me allot more in allot more subjects
  11. I have been trying to find a sauna heater to place but i cant find any and in the forum "sauna" is to short to search for. Any suggestions on a library that have some sauna heaters? I'm also looking for some nice glass door handles so some librarys with taht to would be nice
  12. I did change the walltype to another type and then the problem was solved, Don.t know why tho...
  13. I'm trying to make a curved half wall but it adds some kind of top rail on it that i don't want. I have tried to search options to shrink or or something to turn it off but i cant fint any thing that does the trick. It's that overhang at the edge i want to remove, i just want a clean 90° edge. Any suggestions?
  14. The whole thing is already done and right now i'm at the small little things I have not used the soffit tool before. I see now its extremly usefull for allot of finishing touches i have in mind. Thanks for the information.