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  1. Im using Home Designer 2017 and CA Interiors X9 and haven't experienced any issues since upgrading to High Sierra.
  2. Yes. I use HD pro in my design studio for the basic design process. My assistant and I each have a separate license. We only send the design to be tweaked and ray traced in CA as I only have one license for that. Yes there is a steep learning curve but once you get to grips with the basics you will be amazed at what you can do. Having said that it is way easier to learn than any other CAD software out there. Good luck and try out the free demo version and watch the training videos that are available. W
  3. Thanks Kat, Yep that's exactly what we ended up doing. Thanks for the confirmation
  4. Guys I messed up. I use HD Pro 2017 to create designs on projects that I share with my assistant who is using HD Pro 2016. Now I have belatedly realized she can't open files created on a new version. We were both using the same version until I had the bright idea to upgrade. Is there a work around to this problem other than upgrading her software?
  5. warrenwest

    porch roof

    false alarm. I had 'auto build roofs' turned off.
  6. warrenwest

    porch roof

    Hi, Im practicing some elements in anticipation of a new job with this test plan. As an Interior designer I'm not used to creating external structures eg. porches. However in this case I will have to. I have created a successful porch at the front entrance without much trouble. ( close enough anyway ) However when I tried the exact same thing in front of the sliding door on the other side I end up with a structure on the second floor as well. Cant figure out why? Im actually looking to create a sunroom on this side and figured I could manipulate a porch into the desired effect. So pls correct me if Im wrong on that aspect but also help with the roof issue please
  7. ok, got it. Found the 'build swimming pool' feature in case anyone needs this info oneday
  8. Im out of my comfort zone here. Agreed to design a patio and small garden. Watched the training videos, leafed through the reference manual and thought "no problem". I should have known better. Stumped on step 1 ! The house and patio is basically 'cut out' of the terrain. The patio surface being around 4' below terrain level. I've tried building retaining walls and modifying the terrain to no avail. There must ( in my previous experience ) be an easier way? I need the terrain flush with the top of the patio wall. Please help The attached image is only a 'test plan' while I'm still waiting for the real one.
  9. warrenwest

    Wood cabinet

    Thanks Eric, will do that now.
  10. warrenwest

    Wood cabinet

    Hi guys and girls, I am designing a custom tv cabinet for a client. Everything is going according to plan except one small yet important detail. I have constructed the unit out of 8 separate mini cabinets in order to achieve the final result. Top row housing all the components are drawers with smoked glass front panels and below are drawers with wooden panels. I would like the cabinet to appear as if the entire front (wood ) part is a single piece of wood that has been cut into the different drawers. Like a puzzle so to speak. Unfortunately no matter what wood finish I apply or how much I tweak the material settings it always applies the changes to each individual drawer. `Any advice ? I also have recently purchased CA X7 so if there is a way to do it in there I would be happy to hear about that too. Thanks
  11. warrenwest

    Broken Import

    Ah, thanks for this. Im having the same issue after the update. Though it was just me.
  12. After the latest HD update none of my .skp files are working like they used to. They are all separated into their components. Is anyone else getting this?
  13. OK never mind I just dropped a recessed light over the light fixture and adjusted its height to coincide with the light from the box light. Problem solved.
  14. Hi, So I had to download a box down light ( for ceiling ) from 3D warehouse as there is nothing similar in HDP library but obviously there is no imported light data. I have tried to use the 'add lights/adjust lights' menu to try to recreate a spot light that shines down to no avail. Any idea how to accomplish this?