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  1. You can set those up in the Dimension default settings.
  2. I looked at the plan and the walls on the structure were marked retaining walls. That’s what was causing the walls to shoot down. I’m not sure if the picture I posted is close to what you are looking for. I put in a terrain elevation region and adjusted the flor and slab to get to where it’s at.
  3. Are you still needing help with your terrain? If so, I had a couple questions and maybe I can help.
  4. You might want to set the height of both outlets to be above your workbench before you block them together.
  5. Try this, take 2 regular outlets side by side and overlap a little then select both and make architectural blockthen save to your library and rename.
  6. In an elevation view you can derail a line and set it at the height you want then pull the wall up to it.
  7. in camera view, select the wall and grab the top middle handle and pull t down where you want. it.
  8. It may be on the CAD default layer. Turn it off and see if that’s it.
  9. Open the slab specification and set the Elevation at top to the garage floor height.
  10. I just got to the computer. I selected all the upper windows in an elevation view and copied them. deleted the wall with the windows, grabbed the top of the short wall and pulled up to the ridge. then in plan view went to edit toolbar, paste hold position to put the windows back in the wall. break the top of the wall at the ridge and pull the ends down below the roof.
  11. I’m not at my computer now, but you might try grabbing the bottom of the upper wall and pulling it down below the windows.
  12. The windows are splitting two walls and the framing you’re seeing now is the 2nd floor wall which is really short. I’m not sure what’s going on with that.
  13. The attic wall is the wall I changed
  14. I downloaded your plan and unchecked attic wall on that wall, and it reframed it correctly.
  15. In a 3d view, Select the Adjust Material definition (rainbow) tool, with that tool click on the stone and change the color of the Pattern to the color you want the stone to be and then in the texture tab select blend with texture.
  16. I used Auto roofs to start then locked the pitch on the left roof and adjusted the baseline height to the desired height. Next, I did the same thing to the right roof and then selected the ridge of the right roof and hit 2 on the keyboard and selected the left ridge to reconnect the ridges.
  17. I don’t have a solution for you but I did try importing a dwg in my Home Designer Pro 2021 and it worked ok.
  18. Garybills

    Mikes question

    Like David said in the cabinet specification, I had to make two separate cabinets to get the right side open, then block them together.
  19. It looks like the he e roof planes are cutting into the gable walls. Trying pulling them back away from the wall.
  20. I drew a simple rectangle building and with built foundation with stem walls, went to build foundation and rebuilt foundation and it changed it to pier and beam. Have you tried that?
  21. It was separate until 2023, not sure if there is any other setting that will keep the interior dimensions on ant exterior off.
  22. Garybills

    Quonset Hut

    It is possible with custom wall types and custom Backsplashes but not easy.
  23. Garybills

    Cathedral ceiling

    There is an option that might work, if you send you plan file to someone with a version like Home Designer Pro, they can draw in your cathedral ceilings and send back to you. You won't be able to modify them but at least they would show in plan and 3D.
  24. Garybills

    Cathedral ceiling

    I downloaded the trail version of Suite, and it only draws roof automatically. Sorry