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  1. This is Suite 2023. Try using a cylinder from the core catalog, shapes, cylinders. There may be another way but that's all I could find.
  2. Hey Rock, are you wanting something like this picture? If you have a dimension on the PDF, you can use the point to point resize to scale the PDF.
  3. This is HDP, I don't know what version you are using. You can change the dimension defaults from wall layers to surface and also change from the primary side to the secondary side of the walls. The wall definitions you can dimension to the plasterboard layer.
  4. Hey Mike, when I put the sink in the cabinet it works right, I made a custom countertop and I did like yours. Yours looks like a custom countertop so I put 3 cabinets together, left the countertops on them and then added the custom top behind them. That worked best because trying to cut the custom top around the sink doesn’t look as good. Hope that make sense and helps.
  5. If you made a custom countertop you will have to select it, break it and shape it around the sink.
  6. @OldUncleMikeyHey Mike, what version are you using? I just tried it in HDP 2024, and it cut the countertop out.
  7. @ImageAbilityI don't think you can do it automatically, but you can use the Draw Stairs and make two angled landings between them. You can break and edit the landings to what you need.
  8. Could you draw your existing terrain and create the elevations, trace over them in elevation view with cad lines and set a color. Then edit the terrain to the proposed ground level. 
  9. It took a little trial and error, I knew it had something to do with that end wall so I broke it and kept moving it until the 4” worked. Splitting the screen and watch it in 3D helped to see what was going on. I had the same problem on a project and never spent any time trying to figure it out so I changed it manually. You would think it would work by just breaking the wall but it doesn’t.
  10. @BeginnerMorle In HDP 2021 it is in the framing tab, rough opening, top.
  11. @tracer123 I had the same issue using Chief Architect Premier, for some reason it changes part of the main roof to a 12 also. I drew my version of your plan and got the same results. To fix this I had to draw two cad lines see attached pictures and break the end gable on those lines which are 4" apart. change the 4" section back to a hip roof and that should fix it.
  12. Hey Rob, I downloaded your plan and for #1 open the end wall specification and on the roof tab check to make end truss above. On t #2 & 3 draw a manual ceiling plane and since you have auto build roof and auto framing it will give you the roof trusses.
  13. @D-RamaI've tried to figure out a way to get it to work, but I can't. Maybe someone else can, but I used a 1/16" thick slab and changed the material to match the tile and drug it under the door to cover the wood.
  14. They will need to be connected all the way around and then uncheck no room definition in the wall specification. I was curious so I used invisible walls and connected them, then unchecked no room definition on all the attic walls. It's not perfect but gets you a floor up there.
  15. Hi Brad, I just opened your plan in HDP 2024 Trail version and there are no walls defining the second floor only Dormers and attic walls. Attached is a screenshot of the 2nd floor. There are ceiling joist because there is no 2nd floor to build floor joist. 
  16. I would leave the railing as post to ceiling and manually draw in the roof beam.
  17. Hey Eric & Meghan, after watching Erics video I went back to HDP 2024 and 2023 versions, and the American Casual plan templet is the only one that has the problem Meghan is having. Meghan, did you start your plan with that templet? If so, there is definitely a problem with the templet and not your plan. The screenshot is what I get in 2024 American Casual templet.
  18. Hi Meghan, I don't have Pro 2022, but I opened your plan in Pro 2023 Trial Version and in Chief Architect x15. The only way I can get any layers to display in any back clip cross section views is to open display options and select all layers and turn them on. It shows that a lot of layers are on, but they aren't showing in the view. I'm not sure what's going on with it but I opened a new plan, and everything works ok. Maybe someone else has an idea on how to get them to show, but at least this way you can turn everything on and then turn of what you don't want to see.
  19. I replicated your condition in Architectural 2024 and the house wall between the garage and the house needs to be broken in line with the dining room wall, then change the short section to high shed/gable wall. Hope this helps.
  20. Hey Wes, I have HDP 2021 on my computer, so I wanted to see if the tools were the same as the newer versions. They are a little different, but they are there. My wife is watching house hunters on tv, so I took a few minutes and made the changes as in Erics video and attached the plan. Genesis fixed in hdp2021.plan
  21. Thanks Eric, for the video and reminding me of the roof opening being on its own layer! I was able to do what you did with HDP 2024 trial, Thanks again. 
  22. Yeh, I seen they were exploded and then if you delete the walls and roofs it leaves the hole in the roof that you can’t do anything with. I don’t use the dormer tools much because they have issues.
  23. I looked at it last night and all I could do was select both front walls at the same time, open the wall structure and checked default wall top. That cur the top of the walls but there are still issues with the bottom of the dormer walls leaving a gap between the dormer wall and the 2nd story wall. You can pull the bottom of the dormer wall down and close the gap.
  24. This was done in the trial version of Suite 2023, all railings and automatic roofs. I just picked a couple trees from the plant chooser, and it looks like there is a good selection of plants. Not sure about the crashing.
  25. You can add a curb and shape it to match but I don't see an option to add markings even to roads.