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    Hillside terrain problem

    My old house in San Francisco was built on the side of a hill. (See attached snapshots.) The plot the house sits on is about 7' above the level of the sidewalk and was graded flat. Concrete steps lead up from the sidewalk to the basement level (level 0) and wooden steps lead from there up to the first floor level. The concrete steps and the retaining walls around the steps are cut into the original hillside at the street side of the house so that only 7' or so of hillside is exposed at the uphill side of the steps, when the house is viewed from the sidewalk. The sidewalk slopes downhill in front of the house by 29" in 25', so that while the uphill edge of the lot at level 0 is about 7' above street level, the downhill edge of the lot is almost 10' above street level. I've been trying to create this terrain in HD Pro 2018 (and, previously, HD Pro 2017) and have come close, but can't get it right. The plan I've attached is one of the test drawings I start with. Can anyone tell me how to make this work? Elevation_test_1.plan