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  1. Thanks Jo_Ann & DJP, I appreciate the advice. I made some progress and it's looking better. I'm always open to advice if you see or think anything that could be helpful.
  2. What would be super helpful is if anyone can point to a tutorial or even give step by step instructions on how to design what Jo_Ann showed in the picture (also attached). If we could do that, then we could really make any of the shelves we are trying to create. Please forget soffit and crown molding. Just the arch at the top as a bookshelf would be great.
  3. Thanks @Jo_Ann I like the soffit idea. Can you give me more details on how I add the arch to the soffit?
  4. Sounds good. Added to my signature. Good suggestion.
  5. I'd like to create a bookshelf like the attached picture (bookshelf Target.jpg). I have attached what I currently designed in Home Designer Pro. There are 3 things I can't figure out. 1. The bottom shelf is now a drawer, but it should be wider than the rest of the bookshelf. How do I make it wider? Maybe two separate cabinets? 2. The top shelf I have as a Door Auto Left, but I just want the arch, not the back wood part of the door. An open arch. 3. I have vaulted ceilings. How do I make the top of the book shelf match the ceiling slope? Thanks, Flip