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  1. Sorry for the delay! Just got back to working on this. Great suggestions! Thanks, Garybills and y-g-m-n!
  2. I am working on a garage and would like to install some quad outlets above the workbench. I can't seem to locate the symbol for a quad outlet in the electrical section of the library. Am I missing something? It seems like this would be a symbol that would have been included in the core library? Home Designer Pro 2023 Thanks in Advance!
  3. Ah! That makes sense, so to try and correct that I did the following: Select all wall types on Floor 1 and uncheck "foundation" walls box Click Okay Select Build > Floor > Build Foundation and check "Automatically Rebuild Foundation" Click Okay Goto Floor Zero and check results --- nothing there? Change the Room Type from Slab to another type, click Okay Goto Floor Zero and check results -- Success! Change the Room Type back to Slab, click Okay Still success! Not sure why I had to do steps 6-9 but it's fixed now! Kudos to you, David for taking the time to look into this for me! All the Best!
  4. David, thanks for taking a look! My plan is attached. It was orginally created in Architectural and last saved in Pro 2023. This is a work in progress. It will be at tube steel frame metal building and that is why the walls are 2 3/4" thick. I am mainly working on making a drawing for the slab to get concrete quotes at the moment. Workshop-PA3.plan
  5. Thanks for the tips. Both settings were already there. I recently upgraded from Acrhitectural to Pro 2023 and I am starting to think there may be some kind of bug going on here.
  6. I am working on a design that has a monolithic slab foundation. I can see the slab in 3D view put when I go to Floor 0 "Foundation" in the plan view there is nothing showing up. What I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!