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  1. Hi Gary, Many thanks for your inputs! I marked the foundation as retaining because the slab of this Garage-Shop will be 40" below grade with the soil filled in against these walls (3 of the 4 walls) when construction is complete. I thought because of the sub-grade nature of the foundation, I needed to construct it as a retaining structure for footing dimensions? I'll change them to standard foundation and modify the dimensions if needed in case there is some other aspect of the models that is causing the problem as you note. ktolay
  2. Yes I do still need assistance. What were the questions you have? Thanks ktolay
  3. I am using elevation splines hand drawn from viewing a GIS elevation plot for my lot. The Terrain I have drawn is the footprint of our lot and I have one built structure entered that is intended to have the slab floor surface approximately 40 inches below the grade on the north and west sides, sloping to ground level on the east side and at ground level on the North side (like a daylight basement). For some reason I cannot figure out, the area under the building is showing on the 3D image like is is a very deep hole. That causes a steep peak beside the building, probably due to smoothing? Any help with how to resolve is most welcome. with the elevation data, the plan file exceeds the 14Mb size limitation to attach so I have included a dropbox link in my signature hoping that will give you access? Thanks, ktolay