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  1. Thanks for the input. I don't fully understand the camera function and have never consciously saved a camera view before so not sure how the 6 got there and the one I last used didn't. I have now saved the camera as cross section 1. I also figured out that for whatever reason, the back wall I was not seeing had in fact no framing built. Not sure why that changed but am sure it is something I did without realizing it would delete the framing in that wall. I rebuilt the framing and now see that wall. Still have the problem that there are a couple of what appear to be base plates (2x8 DF) between the lower portion of the pony wall that is a 48" high 8" thick concrete stem wall sitting on the foundation and I am not seeing that lower portion of the pony wall nor the slab though both are turned on for display. Now when I tried to upload the new saved plan file, I get a server failure (error code -200). Where do I go from here? Kim
  2. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2023 version and have a small building designed with slab floor, no ceiling, and beam and rafter construction. The slab is 40" below grade on multiple sides so most of the walls are pony walls with 48" concrete topped with 90" wood frame construction. I was trying to get a clipped cross section of the back wall to generate a detail as it is a 1-Hr fire wall. When I do that, I do not see the concrete stem walls, I see what appears to be 2x8 base plates (2ea.) down at slab level, I do not see the 2 top plates for the back wall either. What am I doing wrong? The design file with the one camera view is attached for reference. Thanks! Garage-Shop plot drawing.plan
  3. 1) I have several retaining walls setting the grade. these are "layered" with one above the other set back about 2'. The lower wall is right on the plot line so in 3D view, it shows only as a low "curb" so-to-speak. This is not super critical to me but any suggestions on how to get this to show at a couple feet high as is real life, would be appreciated. 2) A portion of the retaining wall is a circular area with a 2' high retaining wall below transitioning to a 2' high retaining wall above. Tying the sections of curved and straight walls has not been achieved very eloquently and inputs on how to improve are greatly appreciated. 3) I am using pony walls with the lower 4' being stem walls and the upper 8' (12" ceilings) standard framed construction. The floor is a slab with footing. In the 3D view, it appears some sort of wall is extending below the slab. Any idea on how to eliminate this? I am stumped. 4) Because of the strange exterior dimensions and only one room, I have struggled to get the roof over this. I ended up using roof plane polylines and manually drawing the roof planes. The results have a few issues and I question if the framing will generate properly when I get to that. at issue are: the eves don't join well at the 135 degree junction in the right front side of the building, any suggestions? And there is a piece of fascia on the back side that is missing? I also need to show gutters on the front peaked roof and have not found anything addressing how to do this. 5) I have no ceiling in this building and anticipate that an inside view should show the framing but it looks like it is sheet rocked. Probably a setting in my roof build parameters but wanted to see if anyone can help me understand what I am seeing and if it is as expected or not. I know this is a lot and feel like a genuine dummy asking but even if you only want to address one of the items above, anything would be most appreciated as I try and come up to speed with this program:-) Thanks!!!!!!! kthomas41252@outlook.com Garage-Shop plot drawing.plan Garage-Shop plot drawing.plan
  4. Hi Gary, Many thanks for your inputs! I marked the foundation as retaining because the slab of this Garage-Shop will be 40" below grade with the soil filled in against these walls (3 of the 4 walls) when construction is complete. I thought because of the sub-grade nature of the foundation, I needed to construct it as a retaining structure for footing dimensions? I'll change them to standard foundation and modify the dimensions if needed in case there is some other aspect of the models that is causing the problem as you note. ktolay
  5. Yes I do still need assistance. What were the questions you have? Thanks ktolay
  6. I am using elevation splines hand drawn from viewing a GIS elevation plot for my lot. The Terrain I have drawn is the footprint of our lot and I have one built structure entered that is intended to have the slab floor surface approximately 40 inches below the grade on the north and west sides, sloping to ground level on the east side and at ground level on the North side (like a daylight basement). For some reason I cannot figure out, the area under the building is showing on the 3D image like is is a very deep hole. That causes a steep peak beside the building, probably due to smoothing? Any help with how to resolve is most welcome. with the elevation data, the plan file exceeds the 14Mb size limitation to attach so I have included a dropbox link in my signature hoping that will give you access? Thanks, ktolay