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  1. One more question. I have adjusted the window height and some part of the window is now displayed above the backsplash. Any suggestions? I just used bricks on the backsplash to illustrate the problem.Kjøkken ved gang Vindu 1.7.plan Regards Audun Kjøkken ved gang Vindu 1.7.plan
  2. Thanks Gary. I have no previous experience with custom backsplash so I need some time to test this out, but it looks like a nice method to make large mulled windows. Regards Audun
  3. Hi I am not able to push the mulled windows following the roff shape together in a similar fashion as regular windows. As can be seen on the attached picture the casing is different on the upper windows. The plan view shows that windows in both floors are spaced 10mm but the intersection of the windows is represented differently. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Home Designer Pro 2019 Build Kjøkken ved gang Vindu 0.5.plan
  4. Thank, worked like a charm.
  5. Pulling down the wall did not resolve it.
  6. The strage thing is that if I remove one of the squared windows in the 2nd floor the problem disapears.
  7. I experimented with the horizontal spacing of the larged squared windows on the 2nd floor and it looks like that are affecting the behaviour. I will keep experimenting to see if I can find the solution. Audun
  8. Thank you very much. That solved some of the problems I have had. But when I added the complete window layout I still get an issue on the middel windows. Any suggestion to fix this as well? Regards AudunKjøkken ved gang 2.4.plan Kjøkken ved gang 2.4.plan
  9. Hi Why is the wall framing shown in the window. I have tried placing it both in atic and 2.nd floor. Home Designer Pro 2019 Build Regards Audun Kjøkken ved gang Rett trapp.plan