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  1. I got that technique to make the changes from the Library Browser directly into 3D view or plan view (bypassing the specification dialogue) from a Chief Architect video. Go to 6:50 mark But, you are right, he doesn't say "drag over", it just looks like he drags it, which is probably where I got confused, so thanks for setting me straight on that.
  2. I set my stairs and railings to be the Cable style from the Library Browser. The balusters on my railings are oval, and I would like them to be square, but they are greyed out. Anyone know how to get the balusters to be square on the railings like they are on the stairs? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Q. How do you make a hole in the ceiling? A. In Premier, you can use a special tool found in Build>Floor>Hole in Floor Platform For Home Designer: Build four walls on the upper floor, defining the hole you want to construct. Open the Room Specification dialogue, and under General>General>Room Type, select Open Below. In Structure>Ceiling, disable all the options and press OK. Select each of the four walls and use the Make Wall(s) Invisible button in the lower left corner menu to hide them.
  4. Okay, thanks. Do you know if there is a way to move a symbol to another floor or move it to a layer that could be disabled in the Layer Display Options? I have tried everything I can think of and can't manage that either.
  5. I have tried to search the manual and figure it out on my own and I can't find it. Would someone be so kind as to tell me if it is possible to lock a symbol so that it isn't selectable in the 2D plan? Thanks in advance for helping me in this way.
  6. Thanks again Gary, for being willing to help me and not asking me to RTFM.
  7. Okay, thanks for the help Gary!
  8. You know, Rookie65, I look through the manual and search the web before I post questions. I knew someone like you would respond eventually.
  9. How do I create a rectangular hole in the ceiling and second floor above my first floor?
  10. Thank you. I followed your instructions and I was able to pull it down. To be clear, there is no way to set the height of the wall from the floor, you just have to "eyeball it". Is that correct?
  11. Thanks for the help. I had to set it to Elevation Reference: Absolute and Floor to Top: -3" to get it to work. I had to "eyeball it" and got it close. I didn't see anywhere that automated it to match the garage floor. Weird.
  12. Yes it is. Go to Tools>Customize Gamepad. In the Gamepad Settings check Enable Gamepad.