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  1. DesignNut's post in Is it possible to do a walkthrough or flythrough using a gamepad? was marked as the answer   
    Yes it is.
    Go to Tools>Customize Gamepad. In the Gamepad Settings check Enable Gamepad.
  2. DesignNut's post in How do you cut a hole in the ceiling and the floor above so that you have a walkway/overlook to the floor below? was marked as the answer   
    Q. How do you make a hole in the ceiling?
    A. In Premier, you can use a special tool found in Build>Floor>Hole in Floor Platform
    For Home Designer:
    Build four walls on the upper floor, defining the hole you want to construct.
    Open the Room Specification dialogue, and under General>General>Room Type, select Open Below.
    In Structure>Ceiling, disable all the options and press OK.
    Select each of the four walls and use the Make Wall(s) Invisible button in the lower left corner menu to hide them.