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  1. Thanks Gary - That solved the trick for the ICF and ZIP R-12 alignment issues.
  2. I am getting alignment issues when "HD Pro 2023" frames the attic wall above an exterior - wall. The definition for the exterior wall is based on a 2x6 with ZIP R-12 insulated sheathing. When I view the attic framing - the wall is offset by approximately 2 1/2 inches - so it may be using a different wall type definition, I looked under "Default Settings > Walls - but there is no setting for Attic Walls - other than under the General Wall option. Plan Check - reports "This wall being out of alignment with a wall on the floor above." Is this easily resolved? Or do I need to add a second floor to directly specify the attic wall type?
  3. ElevationPole.pdf I am working converting my Visio drawings to Designer Pro 2023 drawings. As shown in the PDF (from Visio) - the sill plate is offset by 1/4" over the concrete core of the ICF. This allows the ZIP R-12 which is 2 7/16 in dimension to be in the same drainage plane as the ICF wall which has a 2 3/4" Neopor foam insulation. Other questions: 1. Where does one specify the sill sealer? I want to use 1/2" foam gasket. 2. How to you align the RIm Joist to set on the edge of the sill plate - I need to place a ZIP R-12 panel next to the ICF foam - so the structure can be properly air-sealed.