Trouble Importing Layers from DWG File into Home Designer Pro 2021


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Hi everyone,

I received a 3D model file from a manufacturer titled "GarageCabinets.dwg" (attached file).


When I open the file in ABViewer, I can see multiple layers for the model (highlighted in red in the picture below).



However, after importing this model into my library in Home Designer Pro 2021, I can only see the complete model without all the sublayers (highlighted in red in the picture below).



My goal is to colorize each layer with a different color. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance!



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When you get symbols made by others, they are not made for use in Home Designer software. It works but as you have seen, not precisely as you desire. You can learn to use Sketch Up and when mastered create complicated symbols, sorry...



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IF you google and look on interweb you can find freeware that can edit DWG.

I would edit it in DWG to what you want and then import to HD.


OR I am unsure but maybe import it nto SKetchup and then edit and save and then import back into HD.


SKetchup files tend to have the bits where you can change materials of items within parts 3d model.


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