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Small roof satellites??

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Experimenting with the auto roof tool - When wall intersections on plan are of an acute angle - these small satellite wedge style hip roof appear on the basement plan?

See my attached image.

They are easily deleted - however strange they should appear?

Is there a radio button on the basement plan that prevent this?

I can't seem to find one.


I know all of this is simply done using the manual roof tool - however the auto tool is a handy thing - although has some limitations.

Are there some rules I need to know - that are not that obvious?


Thank you HD Pro world.




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Software is a mechanical device (it acts robotically), when your basement walls do not perfectly match the first floor walls, even just a little, the software sees a "hole" and covers it with roof planes. It is as simple as that.



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Thank you for your input.

Walls are good on both levels. The intersections are generated automatically - and tight.


Is see it as the pony wall being treated as two skins.

The little satellite roof - is for the lower brick outer wall of the pony wall.

The cavity in the wall at the acute point is much larger thru its truncation in plan. ( Are you with me )


It appears in two locations in my screen shot - exactly the same result. Acute wall intersection angles.

Large cavity's - maybe read as a void or hole...I don't know.

I have tried it several times - same result.

Maybe not that simple?


I've worked around it - just deleting them, no big deal - but......why does it occur.

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