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You know the more I use this program the more I like it.  Coming from ACAD Architecture it is a steep learning curve but it's slowly coming to me and it has some very useful features.  I love the ability to create a floor from the floor below and the ability to create a roof with one click is great compared to ACA.  

I wish I had discovered this program a long time ago as it would have saved me a lot of money on the annual license fees that I spent on ACA.


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My background is 16 years with ArchiCAD - the learning curve here is nowhere near as steep with HD Pro....Its is much more intuitive imo.

So many intelligent and automatic parametric functions - its excellent. (and enjoyable to use)

Have had it on trial it for a while (as well as Chief) - I think I'm going to buy HD Pro.

I also like it.

Good luck.

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