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  1. ChiefArchitect

    Print size limitations

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to pass on your suggestions about print size. I think this is a good idea and will pass this on to our features team for consideration. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  2. ChiefArchitect

    Home Designer Customer Loyalty Sale

    As a special thank you to our customers, we are offering a Customer Loyalty Sale. Save 50% when you purchase another Home Designer Product. Learn More:
  3. ChiefArchitect

    2019 Design of the Year Contest

    It's time once again to show your support for your fellow Chiefers and vote for 2019's Designs of the Year! Chief Architect holds a monthly design contest to showcase our users' work. Designers from all around the world, with vastly different backgrounds and design styles, compete head-to-head each month in the following three categories: Residential, Remodel / Additions, and Kitchen/ Bath & Interiors.These inspiring designs have been shared here on Facebook and we are excited to combine the winning designs into our Design of the Year Contest. Vote for your favorite in each category. The winners will be announced Thursday, January 9th. Residential: Remodel/Additions: Kitchen/Bath & Interiors: Learn more: We'll re-boot the monthly contests early in 2020. Stay tuned and start curating your Kitchen & Bath, Remodeling, and Residential projects for next year's submissions. We love to show off your work and share your design/build stories with our community. Good Luck, Contestants!
  4. ChiefArchitect

    GPS Data Acquisition in IPhone

    Thank you for the question. I am not aware of a specific iPhone app for capturing elevation data and I have heard that the accuracy of the elevation data from a smartphone may not be accurate enough to produce acceptable results (particularly with complex terrain). Most that are capturing elevation data are using a higher end GPS unit. Note that the app or GPS unit you use will need to be able to export the points you capture in a GPX file type. Here is a training video with information about the terrain data import process. Consider posting this in the Q&A section of the Home Talk forum. There may be some users out there that have direct experience with an iPhone app that can plot and export terrain data. Most users are not looking at the "Sales Related Questions" area of the forum. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Software
  5. ChiefArchitect

    Room Planner App

    Tiffany, Thank you for the question. If you are already using Room Planner, you will be able to continue using it. It is not available to purchase or download a s new app, but existing users can still access and download Room Planner. We received feedback from customers that the Room Planner app was lacking in detail and accuracy for capturing as-builts. Chief Architect is if focusing development resources on the desktop apps for OSX and Windows and the 3D Viewer on mobile to ensure we continue to lead the market with these products. Many are using Home Designer on a laptop or tablet computer such as the Microsoft Surface to capture as-builts. Leica offers Bluetooth compatible laser devices that will interface with the computer and Home Designer, so that the measurements will go directly into the Home Designer similar to Room Planner. Here is a help article on how to hook up a Leica device with Home Designer. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Software
  6. ChiefArchitect

    Mac OS Catalina

    Michael, Thank you for the question. Yes, Home Designer 2020 and Chief Architect X11 will support the Mac OS Catalina. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 208-292-3400 or Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Software
  7. ChiefArchitect

    End user License

    Thank you for the question. If you purchased an upgrade from Home Designer Pro to Chief Architect ($500 discount off the price of Premier), we add Premier to your existing Product Key for Home Designer Pro. The Pro version will still work and can be used for archival purposes, but you will not be able to run Pro and Premier on different computers at the same time. For example, if Pro is running on "Computer A", you will not be able to open Premier on "Computer B" until you make the license available. Here is a Knowledge Base article about using Chief on multiple computers. The software security is described in this article applies to managing the license when you upgrade from Pro to Premier. Feel free to contact Sales with any questions at 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Software
  8. ChiefArchitect

    2019 Customer Survey

    The quality of our products and services is very important to Chief Architect. Please complete a brief survey so that we may better serve you in the future. Submit your survey for a chance to win a Chief Architect Care Kit. See details on this giveaway at the end of the survey. Take the Survey
  9. ChiefArchitect

    Vale - 'Print Model' feature.

    Hello, Thank you for the feedback about the print model feature. This feature was removed in the Home Designer 2020 version. I will submit your request about the print model feature as well as your feedback about the Loan Calculator and Reverse Plan features. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  10. ChiefArchitect

    HDP 2020 to Chief Architect Interiors

    Thank you for the question. Yes, you can upgrade Home Designer Pro to Chief Architect Interiors or Premier. You get a $500 discount off the price of Chief Architect (the discount applies to both versions). Below is a link to make the upgrade purchase to the Chief Architect Premier version (note you will need to enter your Pro product key during the checkout process). If you would like to upgrade to Interiors, you will need to give our sales office a call at 208-292-3400. The upgrade to Interiors is not available for online purchase. Pro to Premier Upgrade: Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  11. ChiefArchitect


    Hello, Thank you for the question. The version you upgraded from is no longer a valid license and can't be sold. It can continue to be used by you for archival purposes but it can't be transferred, sold or used by another party. Also, note that the Suite and Pro version that you have share the same product key so if someone else was using the Suite version it would interfere with your use of Home Designer Pro. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  12. ChiefArchitect

    Upgrading from 2018 t0 2020

    Thank you for posting a question and sorry you were not able to access your upgrade download. If the email you used in your recent order is different than the email we had previously for your prior product, it is possible that the new product was put in a different digital locker. Please contact our Customer Service if you have not found your upgrade product in your digital locker. We will be happy to assist you. We can be contacted at 208.292.3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  13. ChiefArchitect

    Home Designer 2020 Now Available!

    We are excited to announce the release of Home Designer 2020! We've added many new features across the board! View all the new features. If you purchased one of our Home Designer products within the past 30 days, we offer a Current Version Guarantee. Learn more.
  14. ChiefArchitect

    3d plumbing design software

    Hello, Thank you for the question. Plumbing is typically handled with 2D cad lines in our Home Designer products (Note that different line styles and colors can be set to represent different plumbing runs). There is not a tool specifically for adding 3D plumbing, but you could use our basic shapes such as the horizontal and vertical cylinder shapes that are in the library to add 3D plumbing lines. It would, however, be difficult to see the plumbing runs if they are placed inside wall cavities or in attic or floor structure spaces. Glasshouse rendering view would be one way to see the plumbing 3D objects that are inside the structure. Feel free to contact us in Sales if you have any questions at 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  15. ChiefArchitect

    The correct channels

    Hello, Thank you for the question. You can contact our Sales department to cancel your software rental. They can be reached by email at Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software