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  1. ChiefArchitect's post in object rotation handle was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jim,

    In user Preferences, there are controls to change the default handle color and fill color.

    Go to Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Colors to see the options.

    Try out a few of these settings and let us know if it helps!

    If you feel link there should be other settings, please let us know and we can consider those for future improvements.
  2. ChiefArchitect's post in What product do I need ? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for your interest in Home Designer. As you move up the product line you get more custom design options, a larger library catalog of items to choose from and finally tools that make the design process easier. I would recommend our Home Designer Suite as many people find that the feature set in the Essentials version too limited. Here is a link to a detailed comparison matrix.
    You can also give our sales department a call to discuss your needs and to help guide you into the right product. We can be reached at 208-292-3400.
    Kind regards,
    Chief Architect Sales
  3. ChiefArchitect's post in Different roofing materials on same structure was marked as the answer   
    Hi jordanoja,
    Thanks for using Suite.
    Once the roof is in place, then un-check "Auto Rebuild Roofs" on the "Build>Roof>Build Roof..." menu.
    Select the Material Painter tool (looks like a spray-paint can) and choose your new roofing material from the library.
    Then just click on the roof plane to apply the chosen material.