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I have a hip roof with a nested gable and am trying to get full roof returns on the gables.  It will give me a full return on the one gable, but not the other.  I can re-draw new plan with just nested gables and that will work, but as soon as I attach to the hip roof, it deletes the one roof return.

Is this a glitch, and is there a way around it?


File was too large, so I recreated the same issueroof problem.plan

232035 roof.pdf

roof problem.plan

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I believe you’re talking about the small gable above door not having the return all the way across. I’ve had that happen before and I’m trying to remember what I did to correct it. I’m nat at computer for a few hours but will check it out unless David has had this problem before.

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Hello SandraH,


It appears that the Auto Roof Return is behaving oddly. I would send a copy of this plan to our Tech Support team so they can take a look.


In the meantime, I believe I have a workaround for you. If you change the Auto Roof Return settings from Full return to Gable return, then increase the Length value until the ends meet (9.5' seemed about right for the plan you attached), it should behave like a Full return.




Hopefully that works for you!

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