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ok I was having so many problems trying to do things in HD suite So I down loaded a trial version of HD Pro.

 On the attached jpeg I have a12-12 on the main roof pitch.  On the small room on the left I would like to put a 4-12 pitch hip roof. The room on the right would like to have a 3-12 shed roof.  If I set the roof on left to 4-12 the main roof changes to 4/12 also no matter what i do

Screenshot (6).png

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6 hours ago, BigJwt said:

no matter what i do

Try this ...See Reference Manual....

Note - 'Roof Groups' are found on the 'General' tab of a Room Specification.


ROOF GROUPS When an automatic roof is generated, the program tries to create roof planes that join together to form a single, integrated system. Different parts of the structure influence how the roof is generated over the whole.  


When you need the roof planes over an area of a plan to be entirely separate from those over the rest of the structure, you can assign those areas to a non-default Roof Group. The program treats different Roof Groups as separate buildings for the purpose of automatic roof generation, preventing their roofs from influencing one another.   


Bear in mind that the use of Roof Groups typically involves using a combination of both automatic roof generation and manual roof editing, and that changes to Attic walls may also be necessary. See Using Both Techniques on page 557.   Roof Groups are assigned using numbers.


The Default Roof Group is always 0, and you can assign rooms to other roof groups in the Room Specification dialog.

See General Panel on page 300.  


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