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I'm trying to do a gambrel roof on a two story with an 8' second floor in HD Suite. I don't care what I do I can't an upper pitch of 6-12 my lower pitch is 20-12 and it goes to a 20-12all the way to the top. I down loaded trial HD pro same thing also I guess you can't do a gambrel..


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I don't even understand why DJP would post a video for you to watch, that only shows manual roof planes being used.

You said you have Suite, which does not have manual roof planes.

You could have looked in the Knowledge Base for "Gambrel Roof".

The 1st thing you need to do, is open the roof icon and change the eave overhang to at least 2".  (1/4" is not acceptable).


In your posted plan, only the 2 hip walls on floor 1 need to change.
On the roof tab of the wall, the 1st pitch is set to 20".
The upper pitch should be set to 6".

If you want a totally flat ceiling on floor 2, the "in from baseline"  should be set to 64".

And as Solver asked, please delete your thread in Tips & Techniques.

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