Second Floor Wall Meeting First Floor Roof - How to


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I have created a second floor wall abutting a first floor roof, but am unable to close the gap where they meet. Have looked everywhere, tried everything I can think of but no luck. Is someone able to walk me through what I need to do?






Home Designer Pro 2019

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Walls are portrayed by "Wall Poylines" in terms of 3D views. Those Wall Polylines are directly editable in an elevation camera and can be custom shaped to close unwanted holes such as yours bu left-click-dragging the wall to cover the hole, you may also need to adjust the roof plane edges that may be cutting that wall segment off, hard to say exactly without your plan file to inspect.



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It's helpful to have the plan file to work with. Often difficult to understand a problem looking at an image.


Close Pro before you attach, and there is a 14MB size limit.


Here is a similar structure and a setting you might experiment with.





And the wall on the inside.






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