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Hi, I'm trying to build an enclosure for an electric fireplace that doesnt require venting so want something like shown below except want the top covered so that items can be displayed on it. I started with a half wall and added the fireplace, all that worked fine but can't find a way to cover the triangular top space. Nothing in the wall settings works and tried the area settings which has ceiling and roof parameters but messing with those screws up the room ceiling/roof. There's also a shelf setting in it but it doesn't do anything that I could see. Creating a shelf doesnt work as you cant seem to make anything but a square or rectangle. Just want the top covered with drywall same as the face. Any help is appreciated.






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Thanks for the help solver and Dave.  I tried the Shelf Ceiling option again and despite the description of it matching my situation it doesnt seem to work as described. Went with the countertop option which worked well enough for me to move on to the next challenge.


Thanks again



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