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    Home Designer Pro 2021

    Hello, recently upgraded to the subject version from 2020 Suite and there is one aspect that's changed that I'd like to restore if possible. In the previous version there were sliders for both horizontal and vertical axes so you could move the view as required. Those seemed to have been removed in Pro and the equivalent is hitting "P". It's a small thing but forces me to use both hands to do what I used to be able to do with the mouse. Is there a setting that anyone knows of that will allow the return of the sliders or is the "P" function the only option. Also, as a general question does anyone know how compatible this software version is with the architect community community out there? I hate to put a lot of effort into a design only to find out that an architect would have to spend resources redoing the entire project. Thanks,
  2. AQSCI10

    Home Designer Pro 2021

    Thanks Solver for the slider fix, something I should have found on my own. I work in the aerospace industry and we constantly go thru software changes and I'm so used to seeing disappearing functionality I didn't even think of checking the view settings! And thanks DJP for your info. That makes sense that Autocad is the commonly used software by the architect community. WAY back in the early days of desktop PCs there were two main CAD software packages available, Autocad and Cadkey (now KeyCreator). Even back then Autocad was viewed as primarily for architectural work so we went with Cadkey and I used it and its later derivatives for decades till Catia came along. It looks like at least in this Pro version you can export to .dwg or .dxf so those would be compatible with Autocad but not sure if all parameters get exported or some subset thereof. My assumption was that I created a very detailed design but not being an architect I need a licensed architect to review the plans for building code compliance, design practicality, etc and they would create a set of plans that I would take to whatever county I planned on building in. I thought that the structural engineer only got involved if there was some non-standard build configuration like a second floor jacuzzi that would require structural reinforcement, etc. From what you're saying if I went to an architect with what i've developed I could have skipped this software and drawn it on a piece of cardboard as they would be starting from scratch anyway and I would be paying for all of that labor that I already put into it? It sounds like I could take my plan to someone like yourself who would clean up the plan and generate drawings to be signed off by a licensed structural engineer, from there I could take them to a contractor/builder for bid? Thanks for the help,
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    Created Angled Cabinets

    Hi, I'm trying to create a bar similar to what is seen in the attached bar1 photo with typical two level structure of bar top and lower sink area. There are no pre-set structures for this type of thing as far as I could see so I went with creating back to back cabinets with different heights. This works well but I'm having issues with the outer cabinet joining. I want an angled corner same as seen in the bar photo and the only way I could find to do this is to create a cabinet with a type 'corner'. This seemed to work as i could join the lower leg with overhung top fine (see cab1a.jpg) but when I try to join the horizontal top cabinet it reverts to a square corner every time. Doesn't matter which joins to the other, the result is the same. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong or is there some much easier way of building this that i am missing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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    Creating Built-in Sections in Walls

    Hi, can anyone guide me to the process to create a wall with built in shelves such as the attached. I've looked everywhere in this program but can't find anything. I have Home Designer Suite 2020. Thanks
  5. Hi, I created a bay area and am trying to create a lowered ceiling in that area to not affect the roof trusses but everything I try doesn't work. What i'm trying to create is similar to the photo below. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  6. AQSCI10

    Creating Built-in Sections in Walls

    Yes Suite 2020 does have wall niche and thanks for the tip it worked great. One follow-on question, while I can create the niches in the 3d view and the open object allows me to dimension them including distance from floor, I cant find any way of exact horizontal placement so everything aligns both vertically and horizontally. Any tips? Thanks,