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I am trying to do an addition to a house with a mansard roof.  I don't know all of the numbers, but I should be able to get close.  

The plan looks good in plan view, but the elevation is all screwed up.  Here is what I am trying to match


Overhang is 48"

Truss height is 57" from the top to bottom chord

I do not know the pitch, but from the photo attached the top is about 12" in from the face of the building.  The T-111 has a 12" pattern and you can see it below.

The plate height of the interior walls is 96"


I don't know why the elevations look the way that they do.  I attached the plan and a photo of the house.


I am using Home Designer Pro 2021



Tucker 2.0.plan

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I did 60" and the soffit covered the windows.  I changed to 72" and the plate height looks good but I have no idea why.

Here is what I get when I make that change.  Not quite the same as you.  Changing the pitch has no effect.

Any ideas on what is happening?

ScreenHunter 750.jpg

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