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  1. EStier

    Door Label

    That did it, thanks
  2. EStier

    Door Label

    No matter what I do I cant get door sizes to show up as a label. Tried automatic and specify. Is there a setting I am missing? Heiselman Plan 2.0.plan
  3. I am designing a garage with an apartment on top of it. One the second floor I noticed the total square footage shown was less than the first floor total. I did a poly line to check and it is obvious that the software is not including the stairs on the second floor living space total. Is that a software issue, or is there a checkbox somewhere that I missed? I uploaded my file if anyone wants to look Carson Garage.plan
  4. EStier

    End of Interior Wall

    That did it, thanks
  5. EStier

    End of Interior Wall

    Here is my file. I have been working on other things since I posted, but I added a new interior wall. Walter Bonus Plan 2.0.plan
  6. Is there a selection or box to check to make sure that when an interior wall ends that it is covered in drywall? It is shown on the floor plan as well as the elevation as having only exposed wood.
  7. Where do you see that? I looked all through the railing specification and don't see anything.
  8. Well you convinced me to upgrade. Especially because I can use 24x36 paper too. Thanks
  9. I am a builder that does additions to existing houses. We primarily build with masonry construction. Many of my projects have lanais that are also built out of masonry. I could use some help on how to do a few things. 1. How can i make my posts show up on my floor plan. Sometimes we fill in between the columns and I would like to show where the new and existing are. I use railings to create the space and the columns can be 8x8, 8x16, 12x12 or 16x16. 2. Is it possible to create a masonry column in HDP? 3. In the railings dialogue I can change the size of the newel to l