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I am having issues with lighting. Sometimes my interior lights are on, sometimes they are not. I have looked at the "adjust lights" in the menu tab and it shows that all the lights are on and creating shadows. Some lights create a light spot on the floor while others don't, even though they are the same (copied and pasted) light fixtures.

The dining room chandelier I have chosen does not give off any light at all no matter what I do to it. Same for a hanging light in my stairwell.


It is VERY confusing and there are no tutorials available on this subject...just how to place lights and add switches etc.

I have read many posts that this is an issue with Home Designer.


Can anyone help or advise?



Home Designer Pro 2021 for MAC

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Using a "Standard Render" camera it is designed by Default to only include the light sources in the Room in which its viewpoint is located. Light sources in other rooms than the viewpoint room are excluded. Using the Physically Based Render camera includes all visible light sources. Take a look with this new information and see if that explains what you are seeing please.



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Thanks for the answer David.

Yes, it does work, but it makes everything look horrible. It changes the colors of everything. Everything looks incredibly harsh. 

I'll keep working on it. 

Thanks again!

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You can also check your preferences to find out how many lights you have allowed to be on. What I found with this version of Pro also is that sometimes you need to go in and check the materials info for each light to make sure it is the correct material to show the light. Even just clicking the light material to check, even if it is correct, will somehow make it turn on.

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