How do I get crown mold to follow vaulted angles

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I created a vaulted ceiling but do not know how to get the crown molding to follow the ceiling plane, rather than cut across the gable.

Steps taken so far:

1) Created room, defined full gable wall, inserted palladion window

2) Unticked "Ceiling over room" in the Room Spec structure diag

3) Created custom ceiling planes (with different pitch as roof)

4) Added crown Room Spec molding diag

Crown now cuts across interior gable and truncates at a palladion window. (see pic)

How do I get the crown to follow the ceiling?



HDPro 2015

Win 8.1



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That is not a feature that exists currently in any Home Designer title (Chief Architect Premier has this tool only), sorry. You can apply a sloped soffit along such slopes but not a molding profile.



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Hi This is what I just tried very quickly. If you play you will get something that looks like a moulding. I should have made the ceiling medallions smaller. I placed one in the corner then used the transform tool as per my picture to send it up the edge of the gable.

Good luck. If you want it to be timber before you transform make it timber. Let me know what you come up with. Could be interesting.


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