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    Saving a template... but more...

    Thanks, Mick & Treenet for your help! I was able to edit the templates file, but as of yet have not been able to save it - keep getting error message: "Access denied". I am logged on as Admin, have checked file permissions and attributes, and made sure HD is closed (not using the file). ? Although I was hoping for placing multiple templates in the New Plan diag for different period & style homes I often work on, I guess I will go with Treenet's idea - until I can save the Temp's file - and place those mutiple file references in a seperate Win's toolbar on the Desktop a/o icon group on the Start screen. Thanks again for all your help! J
  2. JJRamCHS

    Saving a template... but more...

    I understand how to save a file with commonly used defaults as a 'plan' file to use as a template for future plans. What I want to do is to include that file in the list of templates that are shown in the Create New Plan dialog. The need to use File/Open plan/ then navigate to the folder, subfolder and filename is cumbersome and, frankly, a waste of time. Isn't there some way to add my templates to the New Plan list? I would also very much like my new template to behave like the templates that are included in HDPro so that they cannot be overwritten and automatically open the Save As dialog when attempting a save it for the first time after drawing a new plan using that template (similar to template files in MS Office and other programs) I could find no reference to anything beyond the basic use of templates in the help files. I am comfortable with editing .dat, .html or program files to achieve this end if instructed as to how. ANY help would be appreciated. How about adding this feature if not already available? Seams to me that it would be a valuable addition and, given the outstanding capabilities of HDPro, would be an expected basic feature. Thanks so much! Jeff HDPro 2015 Win8.1
  3. JJRamCHS

    How do I get crown mold to follow vaulted angles

    Thanks David! - There's always a much-needed feature to get us to upgrade! ;o)
  4. I created a vaulted ceiling but do not know how to get the crown molding to follow the ceiling plane, rather than cut across the gable. Steps taken so far: 1) Created room, defined full gable wall, inserted palladion window 2) Unticked "Ceiling over room" in the Room Spec structure diag 3) Created custom ceiling planes (with different pitch as roof) 4) Added crown Room Spec molding diag Crown now cuts across interior gable and truncates at a palladion window. (see pic) How do I get the crown to follow the ceiling? Thanks! Jeff HDPro 2015 Win 8.1