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Hi everyone,


I'm needing a little help please if someone would be kind enough.


I'm really struggling with the roof line at the front of the home.  I have been trying to fix this for ages now and I'm just stuck!  I've tried everything I know (very much still learning!)  and I just cant seem to get it right.  Once I have it correct I will use the manual roof tools for the front entry. I have attached my file as well as my plans so you can see what I mean.  I would greatly appreciate some help please.


Many thanks in advance!


KENNEDY 20-037B[3486].pdf

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6 hours ago, Chiefuserandrea said:

I've tried and just end up making a huge mess. 


That is a natural and expected part of the learning process.



PS I worked nine straight hours yesterday, it is now 421 AM here, this is the best I can do right now

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Thank you David, I’ve watched them and for some reason I just don’t get it.  I’m going to try again in the morning to see how I get along. I agree , the learning process is hard yet but very fulfilling, hence the reason I really truly want to get it right!!! Sometimes it’s so very frustrating and getting  a little helping hand can further my knowledge so much, although sometimes I find I’m just plain stuck!  I’ve been at my desktop for 8 hours straight trying to figure it out. All for a small interior render lol.  Can’t rest until I know it’s correct. Thanks for the input, and have a great weekend!  Unless you want to spend it helping me! Haha

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Thanks for the reply Jo-ann,  


I guess I'm just having a hard time reading the plan!  I can build the roofs correctly for the most part, it's just the center of the home that I can get right no matter what I try!


Ah I will just keep trying.



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You DO have some problems at the front of the center room.

Make sure the front center room gable wall extends to the invisible vertical walls, left and right.
Check your wall roof settings...some of them are marked "upper pitch".

You have a problem with the front right veranda room overlapping the center room roof.  It looks as if the overhangs are too big, and also the left wall of the veranda needs to move away from the center room.  Make sure the house exterior wall still extends to the invisible wall  (if you move the veranda wall, the house house wall might move with it). 

Get the dashed roof lines to line up the way they do in the pdf. 


image.thumb.jpeg.f3a929e694a8ab9fd6bb7643b74ff3e3.jpeg   image.thumb.png.4dcbefd1a90e78630277bb3d1e7ce734.png

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