Cape Cod Style - Irregular Wall and Roof help


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I have a Cape Cod style house where the front of the house is a single floor and the back is two floors. See attached picture. The 2nd floor footprint is smaller than the first and the roofline starts at the top of the 2nd floor with a steep pitch all the way down to the front 1st floor. The rear of the roof has a lower pitch to cover the 2nd floor.


Also, the front of the 2nd floor is set back by about 10 feet creating inside walls with a corner cut off to allow for the roofline. This also creates a wall that is only about 4 ft tall. See attached picture of the inside of the room.


My obvious 1st question, Does Home Designer Suite 2021 support non-rectangular walls when looking at the wall itself in 3D view?


If HDS 2021 doesn't support this then Oh..Kay :( 

If it does, can someone point me to User Guide, reference guide, video or link that describes how I can do this.


Thank You in advance for any suggestions.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 10.11.19 PM.png

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Hi Eric. I did try to search for "Cape Cod" in various places but was not able to find specific references or instructions. What tool or site did you use to get the result you got? 


David, your info helped me greatly. It gave me enough info to find my own solution. I tried your version of dragging the front 2nd story wall back but that destroyed what I had already completed on the 2nd floor. TIP> MAKE SURE the main structure is what you want before working on inside details. My learning tip.


1 - What I ended up doing was to define a pitch of 5 on the back wall of the 2nd floor

2 - completely removed the 2nd floor front exterior wall

3 - set a 10 pitch for the 1st floor front wall. This extended the roof all the way through the 2nd floor to join the back roof line.

4 - as you suggested, I then turned off auto roof generation to lock it in.


What scares me now is that if I have to change the roof I might need to enable auto roof mode which might have adverse effects based on the changes I make to the inside walls. This may be a limitation of the HD Suite package.


Anyway, here's what I have now thanks to your info. Plugging away slowly.......


Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 4.16.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 4.39.09 PM.png

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