External steps: riser height problems

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I'm trying to model our front door marble steps but, despite watching every stair-related video, reading the manuals, and searching both CA + HD forums, I have utterly failed to resolve the issues.  The step dimensions are: 3 steps (risers); tread depth: 30 cm; riser height: 17 cm; overall length: 90 cm; width: 240cm. (screenshot.png).

The terrain is set to -510cm below 1st floor level (but no amount of tweaking that figure has helped).


BUT the wretched steps refuse to meet the 1st floor level - the top step should be level with the 1st floor.  (screenshot-3D.png)

This page asserts that locking the no. of treads will allow a greater/lesser riser height, but it's lying through its teeth!



I managed to successfully create a set of internal stairs, complete with two sets of 90 deg. winders, without problems - but this has me stumped.

All and any help gratefully received.



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In realty, 'wretched' steps (or porch floors) should never meet the 1st floor level.  

They should always be about 102mm (4") below the 1st floor, to prevent water entry.

Since your marble steps do not have a separate tread, why not just create them like your 2d pic shows?   Use soffits, slabs, or box shapes.

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  1. I believe the problem is that the exterior stairs you want to create are controlled by the house interior specifications (STRUCTURE).  I'm having a similar problem trying to create exterior stairs but they insist on floating in the air.  Can't find a way to get them on the ground!
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Haben Sie in Ihrem Beispiel das "Treppenwerkzeug" verwendet oder haben Sie benutzerdefinierte Platten verwendet, um die angezeigten Schritte zu erstellen? Das Treppenwerkzeug hat vorprogrammierte Einschränkungen, benutzerdefinierte Platten jedoch nicht.



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