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    dfx file type??

    Thanks Eric, From what I read from the link you provided I don't need to worry about the file association ( file type), it shouldn't matter for another user. Unfortunately, Windows continues to challenge users by continually changing the inner workings so the suggestion in the link are out of date (don't work) and Windows doesn't provide a work-around. thanks again, .
  2. SYC123

    dfx file type??

    After exporting a plan as a dfx from HD Suite 2018, when I look at the file type in the Windows 10 directory it has "pCon.planner Drawing Interchange File". Is this the usual format? I had previously downloaded and installed pCon planner, another drafting software; however, I didn't find it useful and uninstalled it. My concern is that pCon has somehow altered Windows so that the HD exported dxfs are modified/corrupted. An architect had trouble using the exported dxf. What are the listed file type for dxfs for other HD users? thanks, Jeff,
  3. SYC123

    Slow Task Execution

    General question/comment...this thread was the closest I could find. Could it be certain operations cause the software to do something unexpected like divide by zero? I've notice that when I do something stupid with elevations my file size blows up causing the execution to slow. I seem to have trouble with retaining walls that have nothing to retain, i.e., no different elevations on either side of the retaining wall.
  4. SYC123

    changing floor structure dimension

    This is from the Reference Manual for Suite 2018: Specify the thickness of the Floor Finish layer. • The thickness of the Floor Structure displays here for reference but cannot be changed.
  5. SYC123

    changing floor structure dimension

    Hi Akkiwi, If you have Suite you can't. Here's a link: to a previous discussion:
  6. SYC123

    External steps: riser height problems

    I believe the problem is that the exterior stairs you want to create are controlled by the house interior specifications (STRUCTURE). I'm having a similar problem trying to create exterior stairs but they insist on floating in the air. Can't find a way to get them on the ground!
  7. thanks for both of these posts, I'll continue to experiment.
  8. Is it possible to specify and render two different materials for an exterior wall? I have lap siding on the lower portion and shingles on the upper portion of my exterior walls on my 1912 Arts and Crafts bungalow. The dividing line for the siding and shingles is at the bottom of the windows I also have a daylight basement with stucco extending 3' above grade with siding extending another 2' where the siding is continued on the wall of the first floor. The stucco and siding is separated by sloped 2x6 and molding. Photo attached.