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Hello all,

   I am designing an addition to my home using Home Designer Pro 2021 (64 Bit).  I have attached four pictures and the entire plan, I've written a short description under each, but the problems are related to the roof meeting up with the top framing and the columns meeting up with the bottom of the roof.



I have two sections where small frame members are sticking through that definitely shouldn't be there and I am unsure why.  They aren't full boards that are extending through the roof, they are very short pieces of lumber.  Not quite sure why those are there and after messing with it for a few hours, I haven't had much luck figuring out why it is occurring.


The roof is also having some odd issues with the columns for the front porch.  The right most column comes in without issue, but the left column will not.  If I remove the railing on the left hand side of the porch, the column then displays, but then the railing doesn't have anything to attach to at the top.  I believe the problem lies with the interaction between the left railing and the front railing wall that I used to create the columns.



The back of the eaves doesn't have any cover on the back side.  I'm sure it's a setting that I am missing, but I can't see anything obvious.

Thank you so much for your assistance and apologies in advance, I read the what to post when you are posting and I did search through the archives, so forgive me when I missed something obvious either in my post or in the forum.




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