Missing wall length when defining new wall


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Okay, know is this a newbie question, but I changed something somewhere and scouring the manuals and HomeTalk, I just cannot locate the answer, or a clue to the answer. (please save some skin for later)


I'm laying out a structure starting with new exterior walls.  In the beginning when I click and dragged the new wall across the screen, the length of the wall was there for me to know when to turn the corner.  Continue the wall in another direction, the dimension/length of the new wall was there, so on and so on. Somewhere while I was poking around looking at all the settings and available options, I clicked something which turned off that length display.


I tried Auto Exterior Dimensions, but that pops up with a warning of "no automatic dimensions were generated".  If I create a structure with all walls connected, I can force the dimensions to be displayed, but not when creating/drawing them,  I looked into Display Options and dimensions are checked. (couldn't think of anything else to check...)


I'm using Home Designer Pro, 2021, Windows 10, 64 bit.


Any pointers?  Even tell me where to find the answer in the (RT)FM would help.


Thanks for listening.

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