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  1. I must have made a mistake somewhere in the creation of the plan. I followed the instructions and the siding from the exterior still shows in the addition when I use a cathedral ceiling. I'm going back to the beginning and take it step by step creating the originals structure and then adding the addition.
  2. I have the same problem with an addition I am designing onto the rear of the existing structure. However, I have HD Pro 2021. Could you point me to the instructions on how to remove the exterior siding from the wall when I use a cathedral ceiling? Thanks.
  3. I've searched the archives but found nothing. It could be my search criteria, but... I'm working on a single story addition, 15x34 and it has a shed roof. I would like to design in a cathedral ceiling, but I'm coming up empty reading the manual, looking for videos and searching the forums. If the information exists, could someone point me in the right direction? I'm using HDP, 2021 with all updates.
  4. Talk about simple... :-| Thank you too for the suggestion to get my profile in order.
  5. Okay, know is this a newbie question, but I changed something somewhere and scouring the manuals and HomeTalk, I just cannot locate the answer, or a clue to the answer. (please save some skin for later) I'm laying out a structure starting with new exterior walls. In the beginning when I click and dragged the new wall across the screen, the length of the wall was there for me to know when to turn the corner. Continue the wall in another direction, the dimension/length of the new wall was there, so on and so on. Somewhere while I was poking around looking at all the settings and available options, I clicked something which turned off that length display. I tried Auto Exterior Dimensions, but that pops up with a warning of "no automatic dimensions were generated". If I create a structure with all walls connected, I can force the dimensions to be displayed, but not when creating/drawing them, I looked into Display Options and dimensions are checked. (couldn't think of anything else to check...) I'm using Home Designer Pro, 2021, Windows 10, 64 bit. Any pointers? Even tell me where to find the answer in the (RT)FM would help. Thanks for listening.
  6. GreenGA

    "Final" rendering?

    I think that is what I was looking for. Thank you.
  7. GreenGA

    "Final" rendering?

    Although having recently upgraded to Pro 2016, I've been a user of Home Designer for a number of years; going back to V5 or V6 or something like that. In prior releases I swear I recall an option for "Final Rendering". When selected, after some intense computations, the results would be a pretty durn good image of whatever you were working on. Something we would present to our clients and be received appreciatively. Today I am working on a new kitchen design and I see nothing that would produce a rendering anywhere even close to what I had in the past. Did I miss something or it's in the product and I'm too dense to see it, or, and I hope not, it's no longer a feature/function of the new version of HDP?