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How can I stop the tile from running up the wall beyond the level of the bottom of my cabinets.  I have varying heights of cabinets / back-splash required.  Example, over the sink is higher than the rest of the "back-splash".  Illustration 1 (Without tile) shows where I want it to stop on this part or the kitchen wall (blue line).  Illustration 2 (With tile) shows what happens when I "paint" the back-splash on the wall.   The height of the back-splash over the sink is higher than I want it at the end of the cabinet run.  HELP!


Thank You,

Stephan L.

Using "Chief Architect / Home Designer Pro 2021" (teaching myself as I go).

Without tile.jpg

With tile.jpg

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Go to your cabinet defaults. Under wall cabinet, check the box marked "backsplash to base below." Set your thickness and the material you wish it to be. For the areas where there isn't a wall cabinet, use a soffit to fill in those gaps. Painting will just paint a whole wall, as you've found.

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